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No.2 脳障害猫茶トラの栗栖KULISU Cerebrovasucular Disease cat

KURISU of cat is Cerebrovasucular Disease.
Evry day, we look after KURISU and we love him.
But KURISU can't do as becomes as a cat. We take pity on KURISU.
Weren't we right that we have helped dying cat?

2004/5/5(Wed)ゴールデンウィークGolden Week 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Daily life is the KURISU center. A hand making did such kangaroo bag so that I could move while holding KURISU. It was useful at a bar bay queue party in a Golden Week.

2004/5/6(Thu)身重Pregnant by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Is my husband pregnant? Well, my husband carries KURISU. It's care in the restroom in KURISU, but when I'll choose a good time and put him on the cat sand recently, timely time succeeds. When a restroom is built successfully, KURISU and I are relieved.

2004/5/20(Thu)仕事Workby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The left picture looks stealthily at work between the barrier which was stretched around me doing (kimono dressmaking), and seems worried and is KURISU which hangs while crying. It's difficult for me to work.

2004/5/28(Fri)喧嘩Quarrelby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


When KURISU get hungry, he begins to taste in the air suddenly! Recently, neither KURISU nor KOJIROU fought so much. Because was KURISU an adult? Or is KOJIROU the cause which aged? And KURISU didn't like to be held us. Because is it hot?

2004/6/5(Sat)梅雨The rainy seasonby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KRISU wasn't liked at all at first, but even if kURISU approached, KOYUKI became so fine. But KOYUKI is slightly angry as expected. If a bell is put on the collar so that whereabouts of KURISU may be understood because there is worry of wetting, KURISU is pretty! Tsutomu followed, so these days' kURISU can seem to be a cat and cry. KURISU ran after KOYUKI and jumped in the sink yesterday! I was surprised.

2004/6/13(Sun)法事Buddhist memorial serviceby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU also participates in a Buddhist memorial service. When a chief bonze rings a bell, KURISU cries. KURISU was very pretty, so everyone calmed down. Everyone was seeing action of KURISU and was stomaching a laugh at a Buddhist memorial service. KURISU was also held by everyone by turns at a luncheon at rest, and I was sleeping. A Buddhist memorial service ended, and when returning, the person who held KURISU had gone out of the hair of KURISU which sided with a mourning dress by a masking tape.

2004/6/20(Sun)歯肉炎Gingivitisby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The halitosis is tight in KURISU! There is tartar in a tooth closely and the gums are also red and KURISU is swollen. KURISU must be gingivitis. So KURISU was made the thing which brushes its teeth. When I make KURISU taste toothpaste of the chicken flavor (C.E.T of Bill Buck.), saliva and an enzyme seem to mix and have in the mouth cleanly. I'll expect it!

2004/7/5(Mon)軒並み30℃30 ℃ of daily 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's hot! KURISU is a cause of the heat, anorexia. When eating, KURISU can't swallow well, and seems very painful. Time of the food seems very fun in KOYUKI and KOjIROU, time when kURISU is food, now is pain. If I consulted a veterinary, the weight of KURISU was 3.8 kilos, so I say that medicine for an attack stop is increased. kURISU said that the water supplement was also important. Tsutomu who swallows is weak, so oral absorption of water doesn't like, but KURISU makes them drink a little hard. But I don't have an appetite of KURISU. Is time of the food much painful in KURISU? It became hot, and micturition desire was estranged, so the number of times of the restroom in KURISU decreased. So I who looks am easy.

2004/7/15(Thu)栗ちゃん復活!KURISU recovery!by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The weight increased in KURISU, so a movement is bad. KURISU has a disability with its limb, so His foot opens gradually on both sides when standing, and KURISU is embarrassed. When his weight increases, the form seems too not able to support KURISU any more. Moreover, his thermostat doesn't operate on KURISU well. When the temperature rises, the body temperature of KURISU also rises. When the temperature falls, hand and foot are cold and KURISU will be, and a movement becomes bad. When the room temperature crosses 30 ℃, so summer turns on the air conditioner. Also the feeling that I'm good, too.

2004/7/19(Mon)優しい小次郎Gentle KOJIROUby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KOJIROU is easy for KURISU and you assume that kURISU is wrong. KOJIROU is admirable! A movement is bad for KURISU, so there is also no appetite so much. The amount of the feed of KURISU was reduced in 3 from 4 syringes at once. KURISU came to brush his teeth, and the halitosis decreased. But the gums of KURISU are still red.

2004/7/20(Tue)小雪やるじゃーん!KOYUKI does!by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Nothing is doing that KURISU is scolded by KOYUKI like this picture. As KOYUKI was being seen around here. KURISU is often held by us. So there isn't KURISU in a cat to the druse made by us the percentage. Every time KURISU is held by us, I say "Who are you?" Because did KURISU strike a head with an accident first for that?

2004/7/26(Mon)推定11ヶ月For 11 months of presumptionby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Because it seems to have been born of the middle September by presumption, KURISU is other 11 months old. So KURISU is already a mature cat. But KURISU is like the child indefinitely. Even if a male stray cat comes to the window side, KOYUKI and KOJIROU dislike it, but KURISU is welcomed through the window. In the homeless cat, "Changeable fellow" is an embarrassment face. KURISU still likes KOJIROU very much! Even if a child comes and touches KURISU, I'm fine separately.

2004/7/28(Wed)でたよーI have gone 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's very pretty, KURISU looks back to me who is waiting back when a restroom is finished, and says that I "have gone out". I pay attention to give water to KURISU and give it by a syringe a little, it's choked and worthless. When it looks like KURISU and there is an obstacle in a brain, Power to swallow is insufficient.

2004/7/31(Sat)アクネ 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Something like a pimple to call "AKUNE" has formed around the mouth of KURISU. AKUNE also was made and healed naturally around the beginning when KURISU has come to the house. A veterinary said that it was no problem, but "AKUNE" seems to be black and be soot. Because it can be made a mouth, prettiness of KURISU is fifty percent reduction.

2004/8/10(Teu)体重増加Increase of body weight. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh



If the weight of KURISU was measured by a scale for domestic use, it was 4.1 kilogram. Do I have to increase a glycerol of an attack stop? Is it better for KURISU to diet a little? It's unskillful and inevitable that KURISU still has a meal, isn't it? Anyway it's energetic at random and a syringe with food is tasted, so food flies and sticks up around the mouth. And hair isn't shed and regrown and KURISU is also bad for hair gloss. Even if I brush, it's dry and messy. KURISU will have a low metabolism rate.

2004/8/16(Mon)残暑きびしいLingering summer heatby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU reduced food a little, but a movement doesn't become good easily. Almost all KURISU is lying idle throughout the day recently. Only when KOJIROU has come to the side, KURISU awakes. When KURISU wiped up eye mucus, I inflamed infected one or the depths of a left eye. Applied eye drops have gone out. And gingivitis was also aggravated in KURISU. For periodontitis prevention, KURISU wound a gauze on a finger and wiped up a tooth after meal.

2004/8/30(Mon)結膜炎Conjunctivitisby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I didn't get over conjunctivitis, so KURISU consulted a veterinary. A veterinary says "Usually recover immediately by eye drops with an antibiotic pill." But KURISU still has an inflammation for other 2 weeks. KURISU is because the immunity power is low, surely. The weight of KURISU is 3.9 kilos of present. Cutting success! I think a movement of KURISU was a little well. When KURISU comes to the veterinarian these days, it's disliked, and it cries small. A veterinary "heard the bleat of KURISU for the first time", seem.

2004/9/10(Fri)涼しくなったーIt became cool. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A veterinary was saying a movement was bad and that there was also a cause of the heat for having no appetite, but even if it becomes cool for a morning and evening, KURISU doesn't change and is bad. Gingivitis of KURISU isn't also improved at all. The sign in the restroom is also difficult for KURISU to understand these days. So kURISU wets the bed here and there. It takes about 5 minutes in quantities once a day, and KURISU urinates.

2004/9/13(Mon)地震Earthquakeby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Seismic intensity 4 twice of earthquake matches last night. When an earthquake had happened, KOJIROU.KOYUKI also reacted, KURISU is hurt, it was the state which got up and was surprised violently. KURISU was a little excited and threw up a little after that. Even if a big earthquake comes, KURISU wouldn't be able to run away without help. The heat was eased a little with the effect of the loss in weight, so these days' kURISU moves cheerfully. But hair in the back looks like a tyrannosaur and rises.

2004/9/23(Thu)台風一過After the typhoon by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Since I'm surprised at an earthquake and a typhoon, KURISU is inappetent. KURISU presses food by a tongue and makes a body warp and food flies. It takes 3 hours for once of feed from 2 hours. How will you do? Hair gloss is bad, so I often brush, but KURISU is messy.

2004/9/25(Sat)お医者行Veterinary hospital takingby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU has no appetite entirely, so for a veterinarian. Causality with his being surprised at an earthquake and a typhoon isn't proved inappetence of result KURISU. KURISU ate neatly in front of the teacher. KURISU often also eats this morning. Why didn't KURISU eat any more suddenly? It isn't understood well.

2004/9/26(Sun)オムツDiaperby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU has a twitch spasm and is inappetent, so I make him eat a fixed quantity slowly. KURISU wetted a bed at midnight continuously for 3 weeks with this. In every case my daughter will be lack of sleep and I'm tired with washing a bedmat. So I decided to learn in owner Mrs.KAYO of a cat and TIBI of lower hemiplegia and make it a diaper cat only in the evening so that my daughter who lies by the side in KURISU could have a good sleep. The diaper for pets was expensive, so Mrs.KAYO taught me to make a hole of a tail in a diaper for human newborns and use it.

2004/9/27(Mon)オムツカバーPilchby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It was a diaper for pets, but when it moved, it fell out as expected, so suspenders for pets and pants were bought in peppy of Internet shopping. It would be pretty! But when this is put in, KURISU can't move at all. Because it's pitiful, it's done only at the time when I sleep in the evening.

2004/9/28(Tue)入院Hospitalizationby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The hospitalization by which KURISU is two nights and three days by a liver function decline. kURISU has not been completely cured, but because the cerebral pressure rises, and I have a twitch seizure when water is put in a body, an intravenous drip is cancellation. To make the burden to a liver light, food changes it to l/d can from Hills's high-calorie a/d can. It was to add a powdered medicine for a liver to l/d can and give it to KURISU. l/d can isn't smooth mixed bird feed, so it's put in a special-sized syringe. KURISU doesn't like l/d can.

2004/9/29(Wed)退院祝いCongratulation leaving hospital by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Friend's "Mrs.mama of TETO" with a net drew a picture in a leaving celebration of KURISU. Feed of KURISU changed from Hills's a/d can to l/d can and w/d can. It's for a function decline of a liver and prevention of arteriosclerosis. They're the taste of soybeans and the pork taste, is it good? ., KURISU knows neither the taste nor the smell, but new feed isn't accustomed, so he doesn't eat so much. When I have bad liver once and do, the function doesn't return. Time of the feed of KURISU is long, so I make them eat while doing the "massage of a foot pot of a cat" suggested to Mrs.KAYO in KURISU. For blood circulation promotion, it's said that Mrs.KAYO also makes "massage of a foot pot of a cat" TIBI of her pet cat and lower hemiplegia.

2004/9/30(Thu)再入院Re-hospitalization by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It was thrown up intensely. I spend time every 2 hours and make KURISU eat food slowly. KURISU has no appetite and presses food by a tongue, so food doesn't enter his mouth well. It's said that they don't also thrust at a prediction ahead of KURISU with Mr. Veterinary's specialized knowledge. Than risk of treatment is ordinary KURISU is bigger. For example a check is afraid of anesthetic risk in KURISU with a brain disorder, and also limited. Because it's dangerous to raise a brain pressure of KURISU again, it isn't possible to give many intravenous injections to him.

2004/10/5(Tue)再復活Revival again. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Hospitalization of this KURISU was 3 nights and 4 days. Neither an owner nor KURISU are liked only by hospitalization. They're trial and error every day. I'm going to execute Mr. Veterinary's new plan. A meal is returned to Hills's a/d can. There is a diuresis action and dehydration is caused, so the brain pressure descent pill (glycerol) even reduces the amount of the medicine for the smoothest time. Medicine for a liver is continued by the amount which is just as it is. KURISU was fine for only 1 day after the previous time leaving, but he is here vigorously for 2 days this time. How do it become it?

2004/10/8(Fri)元気!元気!Full of vitality. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU played by a toy of a mouse in several months after last night. KURISU seems funny, jumps and runs after a toy of a mouse and KOJIROU.KOYUKI. The family, everyone is a frolic. KURISU also has an appetite and with being also choked by no water so much, can drink. And his hair gloss is also good. It's divine protection of everyone's support, thank you very much!

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