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No.7 脳障害猫茶トラの栗栖KURISUKULISU Cerebrovasucular Disease cat

KURISU of cat is Cerebrovasucular Disease.
Evry day, we look after KURISU and we love him.
But KURISU can't do as becomes as a cat. We take pity on KURISU.
Weren't we right that we have helped dying cat?

2007/2/25(Sun)チンパンニュースチャンネルChin bread news channelby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



There was just a telephone from Fuji Telecasting. It's said that it was a broadcast of Kanto area limitation at midnight on the 26th tomorrow. Unfortunately any place but a Kanto area area can't be seen including us. Please see everybody in Kanto area. Give my best regards! A DVD is being sent to the here from a broadcasting station. I'm looking forward to it. I hope that there is a fun thing. I live steadily with chestnuts every day.

2007/2/27(Tue)A判定A judgment by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A program of KURISU of "Chinpan news channel" of Fuji Telecasting seems to have flowed safely. An animal program at midnight of Kanto area limitation. I got a mail from everyone who saw that. Thank you very much. Now, KURISU was a blood test yesterday. His cough had gone out again, so a cold medicine without a steroid was prescribed right away. A test result was so far and it was best. The price of the liver and the kidney is good. KURISU is A judgment and the long-lived type. He's healthy in minds and bodies. A picture sees KOJIROU, and KURISU is rubbing a hand.

2007/3/1(Thu)マグロ味Tuna tasteby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KOJIROU attends tightly at feed of KURISU. For some reason? KOJIROU expects "Do you possibly give feed of KURISU to me, too?" KOJIROU stands by by close range, and KOJIROU tastes the feed which stuck out of the mouth of KURISU a little. KOJIROU is doing the job of a washcloth. It's at this morning's feed. KURISU was involved, and it could be torn big at last ahead of the business syringe of pierced feed. Then food was energetic and flew like a water pistol. KOJIROU tasted and cleaned the feed which flew. KOJIROU was very busy by a tatami seat window and curtain lick rolling. Is he fond of cleanliness? KOJIROU is a different hobby.

2007/3/3(Sat)オバケキャベツGhost cabbageby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Person's present next to the field. It's big cabbage, so we can't finish eating! I took a shortcut and separated from eldest son married couple and neighborhood. I have received a recording video of "Chinpan news channel" from a relative in Tokyo today. Thank you very much for everyone who saw that. Television screen comes out fully, and I'm embarrassed of my large face. Thank you very much for your director of charge and everybody of a staff! We were for the first time, so the coverage was fascinating.

2007/3/9(Fri)賑やかだなぁIt is 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU was noisy last night. There was no poise and he went back and forth at a kitchen. Is it a restroom? Are you hungry? He urinated on the carpet of a veranda secretly in the opportunity I took my eyes off a little. The second half was upset, and the pet sheets put in under him. But it doesn't calm down yet. KURISU changed the place this time and did excrement. That was a little soft. KURISU was refreshed. But his trouble isn't settled yet. The next is a feed.

2007/3/11(Sun)予行演習Rehearsalby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


My daughter was a senior farewell party of a company last night, and going home was midnight. My husband and I compromised KURISU. Because lying by the side of KURISU at night is serious in particular. My husband said to my daughter "You also went to a continuation of the party and came." So I told to lie by the side by husband's responsibility. My husband slept with KURISU inevitably. But my husband didn't give up last night. Great! But my husband who doesn't have much experience of lying by the side of KURISU doesn't seem to have been able to sleep about one night. KOJIROU.KOYUKI closed a cat door in the evening and didn't take it out to outside even about one year old. I opened a cat door in four o'clock in the morning and took them out to outside. But, I came to have a lot of sick hospitalization of my fatherhood, and I attended my father at a hospital. Management of cats was my husband and children, and they were troublesome, so the cat door was made an openness during midnight. KOJIROU.KOYUKI also went in and out in the evening freely. It's impossible to cancel now. When I sleep with KURISU, every time KOJIROU.KOYUKI oftens call at midnight, so KURISU gets up. KURISU is excited, and there is a case that he have a seizure. When the later when my daughter got married is considered, I want my husband to exert itself as expected.

2007/3/13(Tue)ライオン食いLion eaterby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

    「腹減ったー!」と申しております。だから・・毛づくろいも大変過激現在お食事時間は10分〜30分、遊ぶ時間も含まれます。余裕のよっちゃんで食えます。最初の頃1時間も2時間も掛かっていたのがうそのよう・・ 今朝の栗ちゃん動画2本どうどー

KURISU is saying "Hungry!" So the grooming is also very radical. The required time of the meal from KURISU now is 30 minutes from 10 minutes. Time when KURISU plays is also included. One the one of the one it took 2 hours from the time and 1 hour when KURISU has come to the house, and he was eating. Please see 2 animations of this morning's KURISU.

Please see animation.

Please see another one animation.



2007/3/15(Thu)鳴き声Cryby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The bleat of KURISU is big recently. Evidence full of the power. KURISU answers that I call "KURISU" with loud voice. When I imitate his bleat, KURISU raises a high cry. KURISU answers that I hear "You got hungry?" clearly. Even if I hear "Restroom?", he answer clearly. KURISU answer that I hear "United, which?" big as expected. A dialogue is fascinating. He often talks. While it's about eight o'clock-nine o'clock in particular in the evening, he chatters with various voice.

2007/3/19(Mon)昨夜と今朝Yesterday and todayby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It was lion eater until yesterday.
A midnight snack from KURISU was a little past 9 o'clock, but he trembled and ate only usual half little by little. My daughter is sleeping with KURISU this morning, and He did excrement while having slept. There was no vigor which gets up in KURISU. There is no vigor which ate food finally in KURISU this morning. It's for a hospital.

Please see animation.


2007/3/20(Tue)早期発見早期治療Treatment at early stage of earlier detectionby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



An early detection early treatment. Heat doesn't go down KURISU. He has no appetite, but he isn't exhausted. If KURISU finished treating it last night, the effect put on an intravenous drip has come out a little.

Please see animation.


2007/3/21(wed)フィーバーFeverby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is a fever for 3rd day. He's languid indeed. Even if KURISU give an injection of an antibiotic pill, heat doesn't fall. Caused by unknown origin. I don't hope that KURISU contracts pneumonia. I'm worried. KURISU also gives an intravenous injection today.

2007/3/22(Thu)動物病院定休日Regular holidayby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


KURISU was having an intravenous injection in the morning. KURISU ate a little this morning, so I thought he was the convalescent tendency. But KURISU was feverish. A veterinarian is quiet in a regular day off today, so a family doctor says that a blood test of KURISU can be done calmly. If he finishes 3 cases of emergency case's treatment, it's said that a family doctor does a blood test of the item which has no things done so far. There is no vigor of KURISU and he makes a great deal of urination secret. So I need a sentinel in the restroom in KURISU all day today. KURISU presses food by a tongue, so the required time of the food is 1 hour-1 hour and a half. KURISU is protected by us in about 2 months. There is almost no contact with a cat in any place but KOJIROU.KOYUKI after he come to my house. So the infection by a quarrel with other cats is difficult to consider. So a family doctor seems to check an immunity disease. It was also written on a diary of 2005.1.3, there was a possibility of the peritonitis in KURISU before. But this was negative. Subcutaneous intravenous drip 200ml spreads over all over the body of KURISU for a picture, and it seems difficult to move. Quite fat KURISU.

2007/3/23(Fri)40.7度40.7 degreesby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Heat of KURISU is 40.7 times every day. A family doctor assumed an immunity disease yesterday, and he changed an antibiotic pill to a steroid, and gave an injection to KURISU. And water supplement was also done. When it administer a water intravenous drip injection under the leather successively, it's said that water tends to be spread in the side under the leather recently. Water is flowing into a forefoot in KURISU. A foot of KURISU was fat legs. The leukaemia, the AIDS and the infection were negative by yesterday's blood test. A tumor of the depth by which later is internal organs and a possibility of the disease on an immunity relation were left. It's said that a family doctor checks that today. KURISU gave an intravenous injection yesterday, so 3 times of daytime and midnight 3 time urination have gone out. There is no vigor of KURISU, so it's difficult to show a sign in the restroom. As soon as KURISU moved a little, his urine has gone out. Moreover it's large in its quantity! So only midnight is pitiful, but KURISU will be a diaper cat. But when only this is large in the quantity of urine, even if a diaper is done, may it leak? KURISU would be in trouble, but we're in trouble, too.

2007/3/24(Sat)ステロイドは特効薬A steroid is specific 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A steroid works. Heat didn't also go down KURISU by a strong antipyretic. The family doctor who doubted an immunity disease gave him an injection of 1 milligram of steroid. On today, the 2nd day. Heat of KURISU fell. Because the energy of KURISU also consumed by a high fever for 5 days, his physical strength won't return immediately. His weight decreased 200 grams. Because he's controlling the very limit, the weight of KURISU will be a dangerous zone right now. There were no views important to internal organs of an infection after all. It was serious that whether it was what's immunity disease checks it, so it was stopped. The reaction of KURISU is good for the steroid. If there was a sensitive reaction of KURISU now, it was to watch anemia and a defect of a joint attentively (A diffuse collagen disease and rheumatism, etc..) When a steroid is thrown once, it won't be possible to stop immediately. It's because a rebound goes out by a side effect of medicine. Each 0.25 mg per 2 weeks is reduced and it's made 0 mg per 8 weeks. KURISU is regaining somehow. Thank you very much for your everybody who supported KURISU. I have no appetite of KURISU.

Please see animation.


2007/3/27(Tue)栗栖の絵Picture of KURISU by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh



Everyone troubled. Heat of KURISU fell. I'm a little tired. A bush warbler is crying by the tree opposite every morning recently. It isn't only man only to be invited and go out to look for a bush warbler. A cat, too. Because KURISU was bedridden for a while and it didn't move, the movement ability fell. He became poor at grooming. KURISU has the appetite.Miss.michimichi of an illustrator drew a picture of the cats. Work of an illustrator is busy with her. So it's said that request of my picture is last.

2007/3/29(Thu)常Daily lifeby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is gentle daily life. KURISU is gentle recently.

Please see animation.


2007/3/30(Fri)獅子食いLion eaterby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Lion eater of KURISU after a long time has returned. Just then a syringe of food breaks. A laugh is in our house by divine protection of KURISU. That's good. Pleasure is the source of pain, pain is the source of pleasure. Come out even.

Please see animation.


2007/4/3(Tue)エプリルフールApril Fools Dayby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Everyone, 4/1, any nice lies, did it stick? I tried to trick my husband who has just got up, and schemed. A dummy (holding pillow) was set at the place where I of a bed am sleeping. But my half asleep husband didn't notice at all. Regrettable! KURISU is fine. KURISU was in the best condition last night. The way by which my daughter can have KURISU play by a toy of a mouse was also brought along. KURISU improved the technology which takes a game (mouse of a toy). KURISU ate like a lion after this, and he slept right now. A picture is when KURISU flew for the first time in spring of last year.

Please see animation.


2007/4/4(Wed)カジカジIt 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A change in the climate is intense, isn't it? A thermostat of KURISU doesn't operate well, so the room temperature humidity is being kept moderately. Winter is 50 % for 20 times. The medical expenses are suppressed, and to it is less expensive. KURISU takes a bite of here and there recently. It isn't only person's foot destination. When I thought I hear strange sound and saw this morning, KURISU knocked down and was taking a bite of a can of a deodorant sprayer. KURISU is hungry and he's standing by before more than 1 hour of a feed. It's pitiful, but when it's done earlier than the appointed time, the next begins to make noise from early times again. I decide morning six o'clock, noon twelve o'clock, evening five o'clock and night nine o'clock and KURISU waits earnestly. So it keeps crying hungrily. When he feels like urinating, and KURISU is put in a restroom, he eats cat sand in the one from the restroom. There is also a case that I say so for a while before, and when there may be no danger, but I think of "tofu refuse" for cat sand. If KURISU is just meat when another is disclosed, (By a story in the restroom, I'm sorry.), he digs a hole only a little. And KURISU is seeing a dug hole patiently, well, it's done! He doesn't open a hind leg a little and urinate in the hole. When KURISU wasn't just meat, when it's put in a restroom, he'll look back immediately, and he go out while complaining. It's fascinating and is complicated.

2007/4/5(Thu)噛み癖It is a habit 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's an involved habit of KURISU which informed everyone yesterday, but is intense recently. The family meeting was done last night with that. We were acquiescing with "The evidence that he is fine!" so far. We think of his involved habit warmly even now. But there are many cases that KURISU keeps it in a some other place. If he bites others at such time, displeasure is bought for others. So it was the degree KURISU doesn't overhang so much, and was to teach him "You weren't supposed to bite." KURISU comes with our foot wholeheartedly, and he bites at our foot. Then KURISU bites, it's just before and a sound is made by a foot. Or while saying "No", a hand, hit. It was tried, but it didn't connect with him. Isn't there a good idea, everyone?

2007/4/6(Fri)教えていただきましたI learnt 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    猫好きのネッ友さんに色々教えていただきました。hanaさんは「ベシッ痛いっ」って、直後少し冷たくあしらう。で効果があったそな。杏さんとトムニャンさんは目には目を方式で噛んだら噛み返すそうです。「ギャン」ちゅうだろなぁ。そいじゃー先ずはhana方式でやってみよべーかあんま大きな声や音で脅すと・・栗ちゃんの発作のスィッチ入いると怖いで・・Cat's Worldのここで初猫のシャネル君のお話をしました。7年前ですが、この時は猫の経験が全く無く猫っ可愛がりしてしまって、人間と猫の区別なーんて考えませんでした。ですから彼(シャネル)は私達を人間と思わず猫の親兄弟と認識していたようで、猫流で相手してきました。家族みーんな傷が絶えませんでした。そして・・突然の事故で亡くなった時のペットロスはひどいモンでした。それで、猫と人間の区別をして育て生活する事を学びました。今はもうどんな猫が来ても大丈夫ですでは、躾け開始

I had tell friends on the internet variously. Mrs.hana hits a pet cat to the painful degree, and she treats a cat coldly in a long time after that. It's said that her pet cat was effective by this way. If a cat crunches and Miss.tomnyan with a "an eye for an eye" system, it's said that she bites at a cat back. Then I'll experiment on Mrs.hana system almost. When he has a spasm when KURISU is threatened, it's so bad. An account of "Mr.CHANEL of the first cat" was written here in Cat's World. It's 7 years before, but experience of a cat loves cat without completeness, and we have done at the same time. We didn't regard a distinction of a cat as man. So it seemed that CHANEL recognized us as a pro-brother of a cat unconsciously with man, and he touched us by the cat way. The family scratch of all the members has not ceased. And the pet loss when CHANEL died of a sudden accident, is terrible, I overcame. We learned to classify man as a cat and keep with that. Whatever kind of cat will soon come now, it's OK. Then, discipline starting of KURISU

2007/4/9(Mon)しつけBringing-upby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



If it was enthusiastic in order unfortunately to discipline, KURISU didn't bite any more. Lion eater passed away, too. It's normal state of mind. Because I don't have no appetite, don't worry. Was it an adult? But I was disappointed a little. My daughter is my father, she named "demon's disturbance cold" and caught, and fell asleep yesterday. KURISU lay by the side of my daughter. Because I wouldn't catch a cold from man in a cat, I'm relieved. My daughter went to the office and went this morning. It's said that the picture I contributed to "pya" of a face white picture site in the afternoon today is mentioned. I was suggested to the second son, and contributed to "pya" for the first time. A picture of an animal was judging a site here from the family pleasantly much from the front. Please enjoy everybody. And you contribute a picture, too, please.

2007/4/10(Tue)お付き合いAssociationby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Yesterday and KURISU associated with my languid daughter. KURISU is noisy again today. To it, I'm funny, too. I'm a my home page, I think I'll remodel it. I'm going to do a new thing on the Web site, and I have trouble. The second son conversant with pc seems busy and doesn't associate with me at all now. So it seems completed after a Golden Week. I also have to do work of Kimono dressmaking.

2007/5/6(Sun)お久しぶりですAfter a long time by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



After a long time. A renewal of a my home page has ended finally. Quite for a long time, I'm sorry to have kept you waiting. KURISU, KJIROU.KOYUKI and the family are fine of course. It'll be also good now.

2007/5/8(Tue)体重測定weight check by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Too fine! The second half in a Golden Week, KURISU excited about divine protection in KOJIROU had a twitch spasm for about 15 seconds. He also had a twitch spasm at food. And KURISU wasn't eaten for a while. But it was these twice. I'd like his movement, so KURISU gets hungry. Did he get thin a little? It was discussed for a family doctor whether food was increased. Weight measurement of KURISU was done first. 2.85 kilos. A syringe increases 1/2 of food. Also I bit and consulted with a family doctor about a habit.


A family doctor: A kept kitten has the behavior which comes with the foot from which an owner moves. And kitten bites. It isn't possible to stop this by the instinct of the hunt. KURISU is hungry, there would be also a fact, but its habit won't be missing. Even if you scold, it's wasteful. When leaving it in a some other place, the special quality of KURISU is told.


I did not think that we scolded KURISU very much. And it is lovely that KURISU comes our foot. Even if KURISU will be surprised, it's a little ineffective against him. The scolded meaning can't be understood. We stopped to scold an involved habit of KURISU for that immediately. When KURISU is put on a car, today's picture finds out the veterinarian line. He's making an effort in order for KURISU to go out from the carry with that.

2007/5/9(Wed)結構オジン臭いIt smells of elderly. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


The belch of KURISU isn't pretty. It smells of elderly fairly. It's a season of a mosquito increasingly. Has the drop of medicine for capture of the flea been finished for everyone's pet cat? A person of interior keeping doesn't need, does he? Capture of the mosquito a machine was taken out. But KURISU takes a bite of an outlet. So I was in trouble and considered a measure. Like a picture.

2007/5/10(Tue)声色Mimic voice by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


KURISU cries by the high tone prettily these days. Is he fawning? When KURISU got hungry so far, he wandered around the person who is in a kitchen. It isn't done recently to nestle close to, but KURISU cries with very pretty and too dependent voice. When getting angry, it isn't done to growl, but his tone is a little different. When being excited, it cries with fascinating voice. I'll tell you soon.

2007/5/11(Fri)階段The stairs by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

    快活な栗ちゃんは階段もものともせず・・危ねぇ、あっぶねぇ今朝も小次郎さんを追って、ホレこのように 2005.3.15の日記では階段落ち、以降栗ちゃんも私たちも気をつけているので、落ちる事はありませんでしたが 2006.10.18の日記にゃ、今朝と同じ状況で階段登りを実行しております。当然登ったはいいが降りれなくてこの写真を撮っていたらば、「お母さん何のん気にカメラ構えとるの

Cheerful KURISU runs after KOJIROU, and a few steps climbs stairs. KURISU fell from stairs by a diary of 2005.3.15. After KURISU and we were careful, so KURISU didn't fall from stairs. A few steps is climbing stairs by the same situation as this morning by a diary of 2006.10.18. He's in trouble because he can't get off of course. If this picture was being taken, it was scolded for my daughter with "A mother what, oh, to hold the camera ready in intention!"

2007/5/14(Mon)グルグル星人it will purr by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


First when KURISU has come to the house, it will purr all the while. It's from fear. If a kitten was separated from a mother and left suddenly, and moreover having an accident, how long is it afraid? It becomes sad if it thinks. Recent it will purr, when KOJIROU was found. At least 1 hour, it will purr continues. Happy, it will purr. Because KOJIROU is fine origin of KURISU. KOJIROU and KURISU don't like a cleaner. When KURISU isn't here, so a cleaner breaks off. Before my daughter goes to the office, she's here with KURISU while putting on make-up on the second floor. I bet a downstairs cleaner in the mean time. With fearful curiosity, KURISU of a picture is peeping at a cleaner through the shadow quietly.

2007/5/16(Wed)反省父さんReflection by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

去年夏〜の猫プの入院騒動 以来、栗栖のトイレ事情に積極的になって来たお父さん。それまでも、休日には餌やり・散歩・昼寝の添い寝には協力してくれていました。トイレの世話はその兆候を掴むのが大変なので、ちょっと消極的でしたが、最近ヤル気が出てござった様子。メキメキ腕上げています。助かります、ありがたいまぁ娘が自立して行った挙句にゃ、老夫婦で栗の面倒見るつもりなので、お父さんにも是非ご活躍をお願いしたいです。

A diary couldn't be renewed from yesterday. A cause of the provider? My husband came to look after a restroom in KURISU after summer of last year and I were hospitalized. The husband did the food of KURISU and lying in daytime in a holiday so far. It was difficult to grasp a sign in his restroom, so my husband was negative in care in the restroom in KURISU. But my husband became good at that one after another recently. It's saved. After my daughter got married, we'll take charge for KURISU conjugally. So I want my husband to be accustomed to care of KURISU by all means. KURISU made a tail last night, and it was energetic and urination was transferred. It's for the first time. KURISU always sits down and urinates. It was delayed that I notice, and he wetted the bed. A syringe of a picture is his fine decoration.

2007/5/7(Thu)来客Visitor by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    昨日は和服のネッ友さんが、久しぶりのご訪問。うれしかったなぁ。柴犬がだぁい好きちゅう事でしたので、裏のマロンを紹介しました。一眼レフで撮りまくり私もちょっとだけいじらせていただきましたが、デジカメで無いのでうまく操作できませんでした。栗が居るので外食とかできませんで、ランチもコーヒータイムも自前でたいしたおもてなしも出来なくて失礼しましたが、私はとてもhappy timeでした。遠路ご訪問ありがとう。

A friend of a Kimono dressmaking man came after a long time yesterday. I was happy. She liked siba-dog very much, so my back MARRON was introduced. She took MARRON away by a single-lens reflex camera. I had them make them take a picture with her camera only a little, too. I was different from an usual DEJI barrel camera, and couldn't operate well. KURISU is here, so I can't eat out. So lunch and coffee time were a home. I was very funny. Thank you very much for your visit from a far place.

2007/5/19(Sat)ささいな幸せSmall happiness by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    画像はささいなHappy timeなんです。猫との生活の中皆様のお宅にも多々ありますでしょ。過激に食う姿&その後のまったりの様子です。でも・・今日は又予告無くやられちゃいました。だいたい朝晩がトイレタイムですが、お昼時でした。来客でちょっと栗をそこへ寝せて応対していたら、すっきりさわやかにおいでましたぁ

A picture is slightly happy KURISU. There would be also many at everybody's home by a life with a cat. The form that KURISU eats food extremely. And it's after that, relaxation KURISU. But he wetted the bed without notice again today. Almost all morning and evening was the restroom time, but that was lunch. KURISU was laid down a little, and I was receiving a visitor. When a visitor returned and saw KURISU, KURISU was a simple refreshing face.

2007/5/20(Sun)昨日までは元気It is energetic until yesterday. y. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU played until yesterday like a picture, but he's just languid this morning. He doesn't also run behind KOJIROU. Heat? Urination has gone out and also has an appetite a little. It's around noon that I felt that KURISU breathed heavily a little. Because a veterinarian is closure today at twelve o'clock, I'm not in time a little. Because it isn't also to the extent I go urgently, KURISU is wait-and-see. Because tomorrow will be a day of medicine for KURISU, he'll go tomorrow. I feel gloomy.

2007/5/22(Tue)大丈夫ィIt's all right! by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Medical examination and treatment in the morning of yesterday ends, KURISU went to a veterinarian on eve. But he also had no fever and had also gone out to urination already yesterday. I weighed myself with heat at It's all right! hospital. The thermometer was new. A thermometer was put in his anus, so KURISU disliked it very much. That can measure a new one in 1 minute. It's more inferior than the previous one a little by correctness. 38 ℃, it was 2.9kg. KURISU has a cough a little, so the steroid which is a cough medicine just in case, a little, it was prescribed. A family doctor says "Because an eye of KURISU is nail ZU KE for me, pay the bill in the evening with medicine and return early." The direction where I hear family doctor's voice from beginning to end, KURISU, I stare. A picture is KURISU tasted by my back MARON.

2007/5/23(Wed)暑いからだなBecause it is hot by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is also wrong this morning. It's probably a cause of the heat. A cooling mat was prepared. An air conditioner seems to have entered already at daughter's company. My house is well ventilated by country making. I'll make it the cooler environment and see the state of KURISU. When saying so, KURISU was also wrong this time last year.

2007/5/24(Thu)冷え冷えマット活躍Cooling seat by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A thermostat earns a poor income in KURISU. So KURISU is sensitive to the heat cold. It's hot recently, so a cooling mat plays an active part. And when KURISU is taken on, he seems to feel good a little. KURISU seemed comfortable and lay idle on the cooling mat, so he had a bowel movement in the opportunity when I took my eyes off him. The cool wind was blowing in the evening, so outside, he, if he brushes, he seems always comfortable. But KURISU complains today. Why? Then the vicinity in my side where he's being held became lukewarm. He urinated! It's a maw!

2007/5/25(Wed)調子がいいと・・When the condition is good by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



When KURISU becomes fine, an owner plays a trick on him right now. Scottish KURISU! It rains today. There seem to be no rises of the temperature and KURISU tends to have time. I could do work of Kimono dressmaking now calmly finally. A main occupation is ignored and I renew a home page without discretion. It's held by me in front of the PC, and KURISU is lying idle. I included the energy spirit for two days and KURISU was brushed. The form of KURISU got thin a lot. Will it be a heat measure a little?

2007/5/26(Sat)食ったー! by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is very interested in feed of KOJIROU.KOYUKI. if one drop of the dry hood KOJIROU.KOYUKI is eating on probation (SHIBA) was broken half and it was taken near the mouth of KURISU, KURISU was drinking in one gulp. I rushed. Like everyone's knowing SHIBA the contents are soft. So was KURISU easy to eat? But because the understood power is weak, if KURISU drink by mistake, he is bad. Because konjac Jell-O is drunk by mistake, and dies of the world.
---A picture fascinating to Mai Theater---

・Mai Theater1
・Mai Theater2

2007/5/28(Mon)歯磨きToothpaste by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I couldn't go to the dentist's after KURISU came to the house. It took time for treatment, so you couldn't make KURISU stay at home. My molar could take a filling as all 4, condition. And may gingivitis also get worse? I made up my mind in order for me to go to the dentist's finally. There is "the day when floral Friday is the fixed time" in husband's company biweekly. My husband had them go home as soon as possible on the day, and I asked for KURISU, and went to the dentist's. Then a cavity didn't have severe gingivitis in outside. A dentist said "For you, neatly, in the mouth, it could be managed." I was relieved. Happy good I said to the dentist "A cat in a house also brushed its teeth after every meal." A dentist was surprised. I seemed strong and said to make the dentist's next reservations "In half past five biweekly, please." at a reception desk. Dentist's staff was surprised. I'm sorry to be impudent.

2007/5/30(Wed)不思議な夜Mysterious night by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

yoikisertu 070530良い季節、お外に抱っこで連れ出したらミョーーーって栗栖に叫けばれた


Is KURISU a little languid this morning? Or is he cross? The appetite is eternal. Today is cold rain. May also ends and shifts a season in the rainy season. My daughter always holds KURIS, and sleeps so that my daughter may notice a sign in the restroom in midnight KURISU. When my daughter notices at around 3 o'clock, it's said that KURISU was in the cage put next to her bed. Did KURISU fall by chance in the cage from a bed? Was my daughter half asleep and did she put KURISU in the cage? Unclear. 3 years and a half have passed since I lived with KURISU. When following naturally, his life went off. KURISU borrowed a human hand, and lived. KURISU lives under the human management for life. KURISU heals and delights us every day. When he sometimes becomes wrong, we're sad. I'm the only child and the past which wasn't run away from from parent rule is here. One who implores independence as an animal instinctively always had. But it isn't done. The regrettable hard past. So I pity KURISU specifically. But we can't kill KURISU now. I think I'll live happily reciprocally encouragingly. I also persevered in my own child rearing, failing in the point. I was a bad parent.

2007/5/31(Thu)フォトコンテストPhoto contest by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


The state when KURISU got up in the morning recently, is decent. It's neither good nor bad. A picture of doting mother of KURISU could be taken much. Shall I compile the picture? Exhibition is seen in a picture contest every year, but I can't admit. When I ask my friend who makes the picture a hobby, it seems difficult for a picture of the pet cat to be estimated. As it is pretty, for, it seems useless. Difficult.

2007/6/4(Tue)犬と一緒にWith the dog by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    昨日お隣のマーブルちゃんの娘のミルキーの赤ちゃん大公開でした。生後40日で、明日って今日里親さんに引渡しだそうです。栗が大きくみえまする。でも・・栗ちゃん全く興味無しっす。動物病院でも待合で犬猫に全く興味無いのです。とても珍しがられます、「お人形さんみたい」って。 マーブルちゃんの赤ちゃんはこの動画に載ってます。

It was baby's big opening to the public of daughter's MILKY in MARBLE of a dog next to the west yesterday. It's said that they're a delivery today for a foster parent in 40 days. KURISU looks big. It is to dog's baby and is not interested in KURISU at all. KURISU isn't also not interested in a dog and a cat in any place but KOJIROU at all at a veterinarian.KURISU feels it's uncommon to everyone very much. A baby of MARBLE of a dog is on this animation.

2007/6/8(Fri)栗栖もお付き合い願うAssociation by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

070608栗栖の背中の毛がカールしている、多分抱き癖かな?     栗栖のタテガミです。こないだ盛んにブラッシングしたんですけどね。抱き癖でしょうか?おとといから多分野良ちゃんにやられた小雪が絶不調ですので、昨日動物病院が定休日、で今日先ほど予約が取れたので、昼頃行ってこようかと・・最後の方だと混み具合によっちゃぁ長引きますので、一応栗栖も伴って行こかな。体重でも計ってもらうべ。迷惑?だわな・・

A brushing of KURISU was done strenuously the other day. However mane in KURISU like this picture. Is it a holding habit? KOYUKI was attacked by a stray cat is wrong from the day before yesterday A veterinarian was a regular day off yesterday, so reservations around noon was made a short while ago today. I don't know how long it takes, so KURISU will also have them associate with a medical examination of KOYUKI.

2007/6/9(Sat)小雪の怪我Injury of KOYUKI by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KOJIROU and KURISU didn't approach KOYUKI yesterday. KURISU went to KOYUKI to a veterinarian yesterday. KURISU was surprised at the squeal of KOYUKI when being the medical examination. I forgot weight measurement of KURISU with that. "look delicious" Who bit the belly of KOYUKI?

2007/6/11(Wed)いやはやBoy oh boy by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KOYUKI of Elizabethan collar life is Great. KOJIROU.KURISU is rushed by her. I'm afraid!

Please see animation.


2007/6/13(Wed)手抜きでどもですCutting corners, excuse me. 猫のプーさん  



I didn't get family doctor's permit from Elizabethan collar living end in Great KOYUKI by yesterday's veterinarian check-up. Disappoint. It raged that KOYUKI must let it out last night. I get tired. KOYUKI is asleep in preparation for the night in the daytime. I have the intention stolen in KOYUKI and don't only keep an eye on KURISU. Urination of last night's KURISU is cleared safely. But KOYUKI just after it has come to my place very crossly. What? When saying so, it smells. When it was seen, KURISU had a bowel movement in front of the face in which KOYUKI is lying idle. KOYUKI is a cross reason.

Please see animation.


2007/6/14(Thu)疲れたIt became tired. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I'm utterly exhausted. Giving up is already close. A topic was changed, and I was watching television while giving food in KURISU the evening of the day before yesterday. The TV program was talk of TAROU of a dog in a KOMORI veterinarian. It was an impression. TAROU cut 4 feet by mysterious sickness of blood circulation badness. TAROU lived for 10 years at the end of devoting treatment of a KOMORI veterinarian and nursing after that. And TAROU also make it fine at a KOMORI veterinarian now. TAROU had the eye which seems very pretty. TAROU can put help apparatus and take a walk. Maybe he was very happy. Chestnuts would like to have, too.

2007/6/18(Mon)こぶし回ってますit will purr by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU can purr, so he say seems fascinating. Only the time when KOJIROU has come to the side, KURISU is purr. This morning KURISU is purring to KOJIROU, and KOJIROU is purring for patted by me. It was a duet. The voice is different-sized by a cat, but its tone remains and there are no individual gaps. The bleat of KURISU is the high tone, purring is low toned. Purring of KURISU starts, it doesn't stop easily. It continues for about 1 hour. Even if KURISU is lying idle, it continues.

2007/6/19(Tue)今日は動画でAnimation by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Please see animation.

2007/6/20(Wed)サーモスタットThermostat by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Because KURISU is varying temparature, this time doesn't like. When it's cool, it often moves like yesterday's animation. When it's sultry, he vomits and it's anorexia. It's also sultry today, so I'll turn on the air conditioner by and by. When it's cloudy, the room temperature is easy to spend by about 25 times. A room temperature adjustment in this time is difficult. Everyone take care of himself, too, please. And there is a lot of fallen hair. When I stroke cats, I and a cat sneeze. A picture is KURISU I brush outside.

2007/6/21(Thu)昨夜のブームLast night's boom by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I think that his crown of the head is itchy. I checked his crown of the head, but nothing is made particularly. KURISU could scratch a crown of the head, so is he this happy? Even if he overturned, it was scratched. It's a boom, isn't it?

Please see animation.


2007/6/22(Fri)やっと梅雨ですRainy season by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's the rainy season. When it rains, KOJIROU.KOYUKI is in a house. They don't mind rain and go outside. Patrol at midnight is miserable. They go home by soaked muddy. Then of KURISU and KOJIROU is tasted each other. KURISU is at paradise. it is purring faintly, would you hear talking about it?

Please see animation.


2007/6/23(Sat)食欲減退Decreased appetite by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU has no appetite. It's exhausted. Food isn't eaten easily. When I try to put a syringe in his mouth, it's disliked. Because all the members are a right-handed person, we put a syringe in from the right side of mouth of KURISU with a syringe on the right side. So perception of the right tooth of KURISU lacks his right tooth, and is sensitive. After that, my daughter feeds KURISU in a busy morning. So she feed him from the right side of the strong point of my daughter. I give him food in daytime. I put a syringe in from center of the mouth of KURISU. But KURISU seems to be a right-handed. He dislikes a syringe's entering from center of his mouth.

2007/6/24(Sun)甘えるよIt depends too much. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


There are time when he has an appetite and time when he have no them. But the one now is preferred to last year. Bacteria KURISU came to fawn. It's incomprehensible, but he nestles close to and goes around the foot in daughter's footing just in case. He doesn't leave the side. When my daughter goes somewhere, he's at a loss. When we hold or lie by the side, it's from the beginning that KURISU lies idle. When my daughter calls KURISU, he's running precipitately. KURISU wavers in one of KOJIROU and my daughter. The form that the he wavers is pretty obediently.

2007/6/26(Tue)不定期トイレIrregular rest room by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


A restroom in KURISU is irregular these days. Urine also has a bowel movement both every day. And he's vigorous. There are no signs in his restroom. He make it quick suddenly. Moreover it's connected both, so we're in trouble. I'm a panic by myself. KURISU which doesn't know the place where one did a restroom steps on that calmly. I'm in trouble. It's quite sultry today, but he's well. When the window is opened when being windless, it becomes sultry. The person who tightened and shaded a window, the room is cool.

2007/6/27(Thu)お引越しMoveby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Suddenly, excuse me. TOP was described, but the provider is changed. Construction will be still the month after next, but a my home page moves first. is my Top page. Also please take care of everyone with future.

2007/6/28(Thu)ハミ餌Overflowing food by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Does a photograph show the feed which stuck out of the mouth of KURISU? When it's hot, He have no appetite in the route end. Food is eaten so that he may drink water if it's usual, (Summertime adds much water to food, so.) He doesn't open the mouth. If his mouth opens a little, a syringe is put in the mouth right now. The feed pressed by his tongue sticks around the mouth. Moreover He skip by tip of the tongue, so food is lit here and there. But it's still easy compared with seriousness of the first time.

2007/7/2(Mon)サイト移転Move by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Move of a my home page has been completed mostly. A top page of "cat& me and Japanese clothes" is shown to the place where Kurisu's room was indicated so far this time. Also give my best regards with future. This month is vaccination. Everyone would like to inoculate KOYUKI.KOJIROU.KURISU. But KOYUKI is Elizabethan collar life again from yesterday. A back left foot joint is key severance. And the right side part is a scratch. A right leg is a bite. She lost a stray cat. An inoculation deadline can be fixed in 15 days this month. But even if a time limit extends a little, it's said that it's OK. KURISU strikes tripple mixing after I'm careful and do a blood test. KOJIROU.KOYUKI would like to strike 5 kinds of mix. A bruise of KOYUKI is after it's healed. It's a picture, but KURISU seems to run after KOJIROU and climb stairs. Useless.

2007/7/4(Wed)鼻Nose by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A small thing. Please see a picture of the lower left. Do you understand that a nose of KURISU gets wet? His nose becomes moist on a day with a lot of humidity. When it's made a screen, KOYUKI doesn't try to open, it's climbed intensely. The weight is 4.5 kilos. A screen rips. So a window is closed and dehumidification is applied. The cat door is also closed. KOYUKI is Elizabethan collar life, and the stress builds up. When KOJIROU would like to go out, he's taken out to outside quietly secretly in KOYUKI. An interior is comfortable, so KURISU is well. He have no appetite. Time is limited, so KURISU forces itself a little absolutely, and eats.

2007/7/5(Thu)ダルマさんが転んだMr. daruma doll fell 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



When KOYUKI abuses Elizabethan collar and goes around, KOJIROU.KURISU is calmly watching. It's because they're afraid when they concern KOYUKI. But when KOYUKI gets tired, KURISU follows KOYUKI quietly. It's quietly, isn't it? And when KOYUKI stops, KURISU also stops. When KOYUKI looks back, KURISU also look back in the same way. It was some play. "Mr. daruma doll fell down.".

2007/7/9(Mon)口臭Foul breath by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Injuries of KOYUKI and injuries of KOJIROU were settled. I troubled everyone. KOYUKI.KOJIROU went out vigorously. KURISU, there is a lot of slaver and the halitosis does. He have no appetite. When stomatitis was aggravated, it was bad, so I called a family doctor. Collect right now! A family doctor said so, so while it was lunch, KURISU went to a hospital. He didn't have so severe stomatitis. A rather early check-up was fine. Interferon was treated before, it was expensive and ineffective. He apply an application on an antibiotic pill and gums directly these days. This was the treatment KURISU doesn't like. In addition to that the tone of the machine which bags medicine each for once was afraid of KURISU, and trembled. His ear was covered by hand. His mouth could be opened by force, so maybe equivalence wasn't liked. But dinner isn't eaten. It was an injection of an antibiotic pill at the end, but he didn't always run wild. Treatment time was long, so a nurse stroked a head of KURISU by turns. A possibility by which KURISU is own immunity disease is big, so (There was sudden fever before.) vaccination is cancellation. Inoculation of a vaccine doesn't seem good for an immunity relation.

2007/7/10(Tue)がんばルンバIt works hard.   久しぶりの娘のMRI by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Today was daughter's cerebral MRI photography after a long time. When there was a question, my husband attended my daughter. After she is attacked with a disease, 2 years and 9 months. After treatment ends, 2 years. How less establishment of recurrence was did my husband want to know? I stay at home with KURISU. It has formed in impossible pons where GURIOMA of daughter's brain stem is biopsy. My daughter was so and assumed grade 3, and had a medical treatment. It's said that that cancer has come beautifully to here is a rare case. She can investigate only with a picture of MRI, so a possibility of the recurrence is big. There are few 5 year survival rates in grade 3. Today wasn't good talk. The survival rate was half for 3 years in the time when treatment has been finished. But the person who lives lengthily is here, too, so positively. My daughter told a family doctor not to miss MRI for 10 years and to come to receive. I also have to live for KURISU. It was a big story of a shock once more. KURISU which perseveres in a picture and takes out feces. He's exerting himself considerably. He need a support. The one which is being supported is my daughter.

2007/7/13(Fri))またまた栗栖の事ちゃうよThough it is not a topic of KURISUby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Topic part2 about MRI photography of the other day's daughter. Not a topic of KURISU, but I'm sorry. Daughter's family doctor of the university hospital said. GURIOMA of daughter's brain stem is that there are a lot of possibilities of the recurrence for that. From that I often thought about recurrence for 2 days. Did a family doctor probably consider the character in which my daughter is rigid and threaten a little? She's fine now for now. I'll think so it's good. A doctor tells a view by the respective experience, too. And the respective way of speaking is being also different by whether it's negative whether a doctor is positive. The malignancy of daughter's cancer falls every year. There may be a more wonderful remedy in 5 years now. Because they aren't also the translations which can't have an ambition. KURISU still makes us laugh at pretty action.

2007/7/16(Mon あわてるぞ!It panics. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's this morning. It was the day when I go to receive medicine and food on Monday every week, so a report of his state was handed down to a family doctor by telephone. While I'm calling, somehow there is no poise of KURISU. KURISU urinated as expected. I lay pet sheets under his hips with the telephone in one hand. It's much, so I can't finish sucking urination up by one of pet sheets. It was cleared somehow. KURISU had a bowel movement immediately after. A tissue was laid out under his hips quickly. I stuck out, but it's a little safe! Exchange of the telephone was also the imbroglio. I'm sorry. There is also such thing. If I disconnect the telephone, and KURISU is being held and a PC is being done for a while, do I shake? Dizziness? What? I knew by news at noon. It's said that Niigata was an earthquake. A nuclear power plant is also there and is it OK?

2007/7/17(Wed)抱っこっこCuddle by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The earthquake which has happened in Niigata of yesterday was serious, wasn't it? Is everybody in a disaster area OK? It's wished that it doesn't cause damage as much as possible. Now, when I don't have a cuddle, KURISU can't lie idle. I can always have a cuddle and put to sleep. My husband lies by the side in KURISU at a nap in a holiday. When we hold KURISU when not wanting to sleep, he complains. But when he's sleepy, a request of a cuddle isn't from him. There is no such wisdom. When we'll be left alone when he's sleepy, he wanders while shaking. Even if he runs out of his strength soon, he fall down. He can't also sleep perfectly at that time. It's being watched. He has to be able to sleep surely, his brain is excited, and can be a trigger of his twitch spasm. So I take a nap with him a little after lunch. I go out to shopping and an errand without being here for 30 minutes after he's always lulled to sleep. He knows that one can't handle dangerously surely.

2007/7/21(Sat)栗ちゃんの部品Parts of KURISUby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Pictures are some parts of KURISU. Now, where in KURISU is this part?

Please see animation.


2007/7/26(Thu)失敗の巻Volume of failure by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU doesn't have a bowel movement in the cat restroom these days. It takes time until I go out after he holds. So he can't hold still in the restroom, and I go out. So it's done until the end at the place he held. Moreover he holds on, and it's vertical, so we have to support him, he overturns. But There are also many things outside our assumption. This picture is a failed book. Victim's trouble of an earthquake continues in Niigata. Though one who is here will be sorry for nothing to be done. Even if an earthquake occurs, KOJIROU0.KOYUKI would be able to run away without help. But KURISU is I and a collective of destiny. When it was serious that people live and go before and after a war, it wasn't possible to help a kitten like KURISU. People had no choice but to be worried and join their hands in prayer. It may be the one to which the one is preferred reciprocally.

2007/7/27(Fri)栗ちゃぁん!KURISU!by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Wisdom and power are insufficient for KURISU. That's returned and pretty. But KURISU evolved a lot. When we call him, he goes straight to here. My daughter also called KURISU this morning. KURISU was busy with an exhibit of a meal from KOYUKI then, but it was called, so he tried to come to the daughter's place. But he couldn't go straight along KOYUKI to here obstructively. What happened to him? KURISU rides over KOYUKI and has come. Maybe KOYUKI was quite annoying. When we call KURISU, his form that he try to come here purely is very pretty.

2007/7/31(Tue)足食うぞ!It eats the foot. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Does KURISU understand that we're having a meal? That he's hungry, it's tasted extensively in the air. KURISU was lying idle in the husband's sitting cross-legged, but he got up, and the beginning cried. KURISU bit at that by which a foot destination of my husband sitting cross-legged was under the table. my husband said "Don't bite at foot." My daughter said that "don't eat! You get athlete's foot."

2007/8/2(Thu)台風Typhoon by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Please be careful about everyone in Kyushu and Shikoku and a typhoon. This year is a cool summer. There are no heat wave days so much. It was cold until the other day. KURISU is weak in the heat, so he's fine. KURISU is good appetite, so I need neither worry of fluctuation of the weight nor worry in the restroom. It's saved. The foundation isn't so strong at a village from hundreds of years before around the house, but there are also no cliffs at a plain without the river where I flood. They weren't an old sea and a marshland. An accident besides the earthquake is the area which doesn't happen. Nature is left, so the country is easy to understand, isn't it? The old form isn't left at all in a city, so it's incomprehensible where it's safe. Anyway, while KURISU lives, it's wished that a big earthquake doesn't come. Because a cat is held and it isn't put in a shelter. And even if KURISU is saved, when there is no medicine, he can't live. Maybe would KURISU rather die with me?

2007/8/3(Fri)抱っこHolding by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



When KURISU is given a cuddle, he looks at a face of the person who had a cuddle patiently. It looks like when a baby drinks a breast. KURISU is held for many hours every day. It is time when it sleeps the time of food. When it's held when being fine, KURISU dislikes it. And KURISU doesn't toss about at all. We become worried and turn the direction where KURISU lies idle suitable. They seem to be bedridden aged people.

2007/8/6(Mon)相談事項ingrown naill by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A picture is ingrown nail in KURISU. I consulted everyone at a collar atelier. KURISU is interior keeping and he can't do a nail polish. So a nail develops and is extraordinary. KURISU is excited to wash the seat, and when he was excited at a medical examination, he takes out a nail and struggles recklessly. So we can catch. And when having the whole body twitch spasm, he peels off soft jaw. It's dangerous, so I clip his nails. It was ingrown nail gradually, so I have a bruise on his paw. Is it better to cut the nails too short more? To where may it be cut? It isn't understood well. I'd like to hear everyone's story of the personal experience, and talked. KOJIROU.KOYUKI goes outside, so a nail can be shaved moderately naturally having no time to develop. Because they sharpen a nail diligently by themselves, we don't have to cut it. In fact, if I clip their nails, danger of a fall forms outside. KURISU peeled off almost all soft jaw by an attack of the whole body twitch at the first time. His hand and foot were bloody. A joint is black like a lower picture and when it's fragile, and it's cut, the nail which grows and has come after that becomes shattered. When KURISU lay idle, I clip his nails cautiously. His ingrown nail sticks in a paw for now, so I have to do something. And I decided to consult a family doctor.

2007/8/10(Fri)発作気味Small fit by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU had a proof spasm for 3 days, so he saw a doctor. A family doctor said. "KURISU is languid today. The weight is 3 kilometers of just. Medicine for a twitch spasm stop can be increased a little more, but I'm worried about damage to a liver. A cerebral movement is stopped, so KURISU keep sleeping, it'll be.", And medicine was increased. KURISU keeps lying idle. So there are no signatures in the restroom at all! That would be a problem. I'm doing visitor's reception at a front door, while it was a little, KURISU wetted the bed. A tatami seat smells! It takes more than 1 year for its bad smell to come. I'd like to be also aided by KOJIROU. Still KURISU don't get over his petit mal. I turn on the air conditioner every day and also pay attention to room temperature control. KURISU keeps sleeping and doesn't eat food.Also it was wound on a family doctor and how to cut it a nail was learned. Even if I clip my nails like a picture, it's said that it's OK. There are no pink parts in base, so his nail doesn't know to where it should be cut. And it's a secretion line that the root of a nail of a picture is black, and it's said that a secretion is collected. You directed often to wipe up the root. And it was called saying refuse inside the nail was taken. A nail polish can't do KURISU, so I have to clip nails.

2007/8/14(Tue)寝て起きてWhen just having awoken  by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh



When KURISU wakes up and eats food right now, a petit mal occurs. Medicine for a twitch spasm stop was increased, so KURISU keeps lying idle. A family doctor said "If a petit mal goes away, I may return the amount of the medicine to the beginning after it's done for about one month?" I'll make him awaken before time of the food from next time and feed him. When saying so, when KURISU had come to the house, I was often having a twitch spasm in my first sleep. An attack may be related to a sleep.

2007/8/15(Wed)舐めモミIt massages it licking. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Because it was suddenly, but cats were cute this morning.

Please see animation.


2007/8/16(Thu)段々と不調It is gradually in a slump. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



We're managing KURISU strenuously. But he's wrong gradually. A petit mal doesn't also go away. He has an appetite, but he can't eat well. Neither the head nor the mouth move as he thinks. We're seeing him, and it's hard. He's exhausted. I have turned on the air conditioner from early times this morning. KOYUKI feels hot, so it's at home in the morning at around 7 o'clock. KURISU's eyes is following KOJIROU. The willpower by which he stands up doesn't spring.

2007/8/22(Wed)肝臓があかんぞーLoss of hepatic function by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


A blood test of KURISU was being done. Medicine for a twitch spasm stop was increased, so the price of the liver was going up to 350 from 100. When that will be 600, maybe does an eye of yellow KURISU become yellower? It seems OK this time. Even if a family doctor give an injection, KURISU doesn't tremble. He is languid as expected.

2007/8/27(Mon)まだまだ残暑きびしくLingering summer heat by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Early morning and night, the temperature falls a little. Night when we have a bad sleep decreased. At our supper, KURISU lies idle in the husband's sitting cross-legged. If KURISU yawns then, a petit mal has occurred. It isn't possible to suppress his petit mal perfectly. KURISU doesn't get up in the daytime. KURISU's eyes follows KOJIROU. A family doctor said at a blood test. "Can't weight management also be done at your house?" I need a scale with the division every 100g. My grandchild is born in autumn. I'm going to get understanding of eldest son married couple and make the scale for babies both use with KURISU. A pet sheet is paved and it weighs oneself it at KURISU, and when it is a grandchild, the towel is paved and measured.

2007/8/31(Fri) おー秋!Oh! 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It showed signs of autumn from yesterday. KURISU came to move. The muscle strength of KURISU declined, so it's the standing figure which has no power. Food is a loss in weight for 1 syringe in one day. KURISU doesn't eat the daytime when he's sleeping so much. A tusk of KURISU is long so that a photograph may also show. Because isn't it used? The tongue of KURISU is also long.

2007/9/7(Fri)台風一過After the typhoon passes away by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A typhoon was victimless. It was closed in order to wash a shutter with rain of a typhoon. KURISU was surprised at the tone of the opening and closing of a shutter. I still have a petit mal of KURISU all the while recently. KURISU has also caused a petit mal at lunch. KURISU looks up, has a cramp in his mouth and doesn't close. He stares, and it's a fearfulness face. Start of eating food will be a trigger of a petit mal. KURISU finishes eating now, and he's making the peaceful breathing of a sleeping person by my knee.

2007/9/10(Mon)お預けEntrustingby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The morning was acquaintance's funeral today. KURISU left it in a veterinarian. It was left, also a family doctor did somatometry of KURISU. I went to receive KURISU into the way back of the previous funeral at noon. "The weight is 3 kilo just! Best. Is KURISU eating food with no problem? I think I have a pain in my right tooth. Perception there becomes sensitive. Please be careful so that a syringe isn't cross with the right side at food.", And, a family doctor said. Always thank you very much. KURISU is supper now, but a petit mal occurs, and KURISU doesn't eat so much. I have an appetite of KURISU. Food is given in KURISU slowly.

2007/9/11(Thu)ハミ餌Four years old by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU was probably 4 years old. It has been done on the same birthday as my daughter. It's because he was a foundling.

2007/9/13(Thu)4歳だけどねFour years oldby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU! You got the year one, right? My daughter and I were speaking about this weekend's schedule at a kitchen this morning. KURISU has come to our neighborhood exhibiting interest. KURISU I need around here wetted the opening where two people have their intention stolen by talk. KURISU wets the bed so often at a way in the corner. Why is it? It's difficult to clean.

2007/9/18(Tue)正直なモンHonestyby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's hot forever. It's a little cool for a morning and evening. The day before yesterday was the tropical night. The heat coldness is also called an equinoctial week. It'll be already soon! KURISU ran with KOJIROU and ran a race this morning. There is no appetite so much. A mosquito is exerting itself, and even if a mosquito coil is being burned, a mosquito bite. If a mosquito disappears, I'll take a walk with KURISU.

2007/9/20(Thu)段々と元気It gradually becomes energetic. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU becomes a little fine. Lion eater isn't seen yet. A petit mal is sometimes caused. 32 ℃, yesterday also turns on the air conditioner for several hours in the daytime. A movement of KURISU is bad. Every time KURISU is called this morning, KURISU approaches and comes a little. When being KURISU's to arrive to here and?

2007/9/24(Mon)寝言Talk in sleepby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



My daughter goes to bed with KURISU early time every night. Last night, "Oh, a schoolchild in a back house still gets up. I'll soon sleep.", And, my daughter said and went to KURISU and the second floor. It's done for a while, and my daughter has gone downstairs suddenly. Whether it's everything, concerned putting and, "KURISU is talking in sleep." Though KURISU lies idle in quite loud voice, it seems to have cried. Peaceful!

2007/9/25(Teu)お隣へTo the next by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is left with a neighbor suddenly. Around yesterday's noon, there was a telephone from eldest son. "If I come to the office this morning, business trip order in one month has gone out to the United States from tomorrow. If a meeting has been finished, a company is left early, and it's prepared for the United States, so I want you to help me.", I rushed. Eldest son sent a wife in a month in which childbirth is due to the parents' home out the prefecture the other day. For next month to plan to give birth, eldest son's wife went to her parents' home, but a child of a stomach is a child born feet or buttocks first and there is a possibility delivered. In the one which is so, American business trip? I was quite absorbed! I was sending eldest son to the airport instead of his wife inevitably. I was worried whether I could arrive to the airport safely by my unskillful driving.

2007/10/3(Wen))栗のはなしちゃうけどがStories other than KURISUby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    栗ちゃんは段々と元気です。獅子食いはまぁだだよ。昨日は娘の脳ミソMRIでした、正常でした。とてもホッとしています。三ヶ月おきに大学病院はちときついので、一回おきに最初に症状が出た時にかかった地元のお医者さんとこで画像MRIを取っていただくようにしました。もちろん何かあればすぐ大学病院への手配は万全です。娘の話で恐縮ですが、小学校の時から頭痛モチで今もお悩み中。都会でしたらペインクリニックとかあるのでしょうが・・ココ田舎じゃ何でも内科しか、ないかぁ?です。でも娘の癌を見つけてくださり、大学病院へ紹介状を書いてくださったセンセに相談したら、ええ情報をいただきました。娘の偏頭痛は血管拡張性ちゅうことは、癌の時に主治医に相談したら判明しました。で、最新の血管を拡張させる偏頭痛薬出ました。今までどんな薬も効かなかったので、それはもう劇的でした。ただお高いのでそうは飲めません。でも娘の頭痛は群発性で、一度発作起こるとしばらく群発です。で、今回の情報はその頓服も乱用すると、薬物性の頭痛を発症するんだそうです。市販の頭痛薬もしかり!で、今回は何でもカルシウムが血管を広げたりするらしいのですが、そのカルシウムの作用のバランスを正常化させるお薬が出ました。毎日朝晩食後服用です、お安いのぉこれが功を奏すといいなぁ・・それでも、もし頭痛を発症したらば、今までの欠陥を収縮する頓服薬を服用してくださいって。いつも仕事で緊張していて、休日その張り詰めた気持ちがゆるむと頭痛を発症します。普通は緊張すると頭痛腹痛するよな感じがしてましたが、逆でしたわ。で、娘の血管は通常締りが良く、血液検査は並大抵ではなかったよ。冬なぁんて、大学病院の血液検査室から1時間以上出て来なかったりする。総動員で超ベテランが汗してチャレンジしても血管が確保できねぇ☆そう言う事だったんだ、なぁるほどガッテン ガッテン

KURISU is fine gradually. Yesterday was daughter's cerebral MRI photography. It was normal. I'm very relieved. The going to hospital of the university hospital every three months is serious. When the symptom had gone out first every once, so it was to get her picture MRI at the local doctor's office which hung. When there is something of course, the arrangements to a university hospital are thoroughgoing right now. By daughter's talk, excuse me. My daughter had a terrible strange headache from time of the elementary school. If it's a city, there is a pain clinic, but everything is internal medicine in the country. But if I consulted at the local doctor's office where GURIOMA of daughter's brain stem was found, she received good information. Daughter's migraine is the vasodilate type, a fact was revealed at a university hospital at cancer. Medicine for the migraine which makes a blood vessel expand recently with that has gone out. It's expensive freely, so it isn't drinkable so. But when daughter's headache is swarm-like and a headache happens once, it happens every day for a while. When an one-shot medicine for the new medicine is abused, it's said that this information develops a headache of pharmacogenic. An over-the-counter headache medicine is also a reflection! Calcium opens a blood vessel, so the medicine which makes a balance of an action of calcium normalize has gone out. It's taking after meal in the morning and evening every day. Cheap. I hope that this works. And if a headache appears, the former unit-dose packaged medicine is taken. My daughter is tense with work, and when holiday tension loosens, she develop a headache. She was usually opposite though it was headache stomachache when strained. Daughter's blood vessel has been tightened, and the needle doesn't stick by the blood test. A winter doesn't come out of the blood examinating room of the university hospital for more than 1 hour. Even if an expert has a good sweat and challenges by laboratory full mobilization, a blood vessel can't be secured. ☆ It was to say so. I see!

2007/10/6(Sat)口内環境Intraoral environment by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



When I try to put a syringe in the mouth of KURISU at food, he dislike it and flee. Somehow does he have a pain in his mouth? Since he eats a bite somehow, he struggles, and runs away. It seemed pretty and consulted a family doctor. A family doctor says "In the mouth which is KURISU so much, it isn't in bad environment." Perception lacks to the left tooth, not the right side where a syringe of food is put in, and becomes sensitive. A family doctor has the apparatus which shaves used tartar with a dentist. When a family doctor fingers a part where it's that and lacks the left, KURISU cries. The contents of medicine changed. It became colorful! Three colors of the red yellow white.

2007/10/8(Mon)結婚式Wedding by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I and my husband attended relative's wedding today. My daughter looked after KURISU. Even if the medicine works, and KURISU puts a syringe in the mouth, he doesn't seem to have a pain. This morning is a day of medicine on Monday. I have to hand the state of KURISU down to a family doctor by telephone in a veterinarian. But I delayed dressing of a kimono and forgot the contact completely. I drove and we managed to be in time for the expression. It was just drizzling, so I delayed too much. While it was a ceremony, the intervals were found and the phone call was made to a veterinarian. Today was a holiday and a veterinarian was half day, so a contact was very worried whether I was in time. My daughter went to take medicine at noon. It was a nice wedding on today's good day.

Please see animation.


2007/10/15(Mon)今日はウマ肥ゆる秋風harvest seasonby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU often eats from night, yesterday. KURISU didn't flee any more on the way. I think the environment in his mouth also became good. It became cool gradually. My grandchild is born and happy. Cats know no grandchilds yet. It's pleasant from this, if my grandchild comes to move.☆ KURISU wouldn't be able to run away. KOJIROU.KOYUKI would run about trying to escape.

2007/10/22(Mon)祭り日Festival day by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



They were 20.21 and a village festival. The festival music a married couple plays bumps us recently, and it's a performance. So we don't practice a pipe drum at a house. I don't disturb cats. When cheerful festival music is approaching, every cats run away. A dog is connected of course, so dog can't run away, and it's regrettable. Festival music will be a big noise for them. Even if I'm playing a pipe of festival music, KOJIROU doesn't approach me. There are an eve and a regular festival and we side with a float and play a pipe drum all day. So my daughters are KURISU and a caretaker. A day of a regular festival is from a morning to night. Even if I go home, I'm busy with domesticities and have no time when KOJIROU is minded. And KURISU wetted the bed on the table. Why? Did KURISU run after KOJIROU and get on a table by the momentum? KURISU washed the lower part of the body and I was excited. KURISU was excited and had a twitch seizure, so I washed him readily. But after that it's said that he didn't sleep easily. My husband seems to get an important duty of the town block length next year. If My husband get its role, it would be a married couple every week busily, too. I wouldn't be able to look after KURISU well any more. We have to decline. Is understanding obtained?

2007/10/23(Tue)怖い音Scary sound by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU doesn't like the sound which takes rice out of the ricer. And he doesn't like the tone like the clapping when putting vegetables in the frying pan which heated oil. When I'm cooking, KURISU where a prediction doesn't stick is dangerous, so KURISU isn't put in the kitchen. Every time he hear the sound he doesn't like at a dining room next to the kitchen, so he is surprised. It's pitiful, but that's all right. The daughter's short foot is small. They seem to be soybeans as for a finger. It became cold recently, so my daughter came to put on thick socks. It is scaring of KURISU as for the growing foot. When the foot approaches and comes, KURISU moves backward. A picture was the fearfulness tone of the kitchen, and KURISU jumped out of bed.

200710/25/(Teu) 猫プの趣味My hobby by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



I played a pipe by the other day's village festival. I like a musical instrument very much from child's time. But cats dislike it now, so I don't play a musical instrument so much. A musical instrument isn't played at all after KURISU comes to the house in particular. My husband plays a musical instrument, too, so there is a music room in a house. It's double windows, so it's difficult for sound to leak out to outside, but the tone of the musical instrument rings in the house. There are work, domesticities and care of KURISU now, and a hobby can't be done. But I don't come, there is possible love and I'm happy because I can see the form of the cat. It's a cartoon film, please see it. Now, a cat is a hobby.

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