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No.10 脳障害猫茶トラの栗栖KURISUKULISU Cerebrovasucular Disease cat

KURISU of cat is Cerebrovasucular Disease.
Evry day, we look after KURISU and we love him.
But KURISU can't do as becomes as a cat. We take pity on KURISU.
Weren't we right that we have helped dying cat?

2009/12/25(Fri)小発作Small fitby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


After a long time. The condition of KURISU is hanging in the balance. High calcium status. He isn't exhausted, but he have his no appetite. But it's followed behind KOJIROU.

It is animation in October.

It is animation in November.

It is animation in December.





It was smooth two months ago, so for liver function protection, medicine for a twitch attack stop was reduced a little. But, a petit mal showed again from late last month. So I returned a twitch attack stop to the beginning. There are no immediate effects for this medicine. It takes two weeks before blood level becomes fixed and is efficacious. So it's covered with an one-shot medicine between it. But there is also a problem with this. There is excitement as a side effect of the one-shot medicine. KURISU also does a track and mud is also mud. Moreover in high tension, RU. It was done to make them accept half amount of the amount of the one-shot medicine which was so and was taken out first. But I'm excited and repeat a petit mal every morning.And The birth of the second child's boy in couple with eldest son living in the United StatesMy son's daughter-in-law was a painless delivery and it was a day trip. It was goodMy mother, a mother of a baby, is traveling to America with help.
Recent medicine prescription.

2010/1/2(Sat)おめでとーHappy new year.  by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A picture is also KURISU where he look at KOJIROU all the while for tens of minutes. A petit mal has disappeared from the end of the year. The move for the family doctor kind to KURISU from the beginning to start the business in Tokoname-shi is 12/27. A family doctor is busy. He started the business in the land where a family doctor has no acquaintances, so he estimated the beginning not to prosper. So it's said that he go to "RINNGONOKI veterinarian" on Tuesday every week. A family doctor, without change! KURISU is excessive variously, and communication is serious. So a family doctor next to KURISU has requested a director. A difficulty client is of a conference and it's said that the veterinarian here does some degree sharing of information. So I'm relieved. Even if there is change in the degree family doctor who has that, the cat fine like KOJIROU isn't complicated. Anyhow doesn't a person of a cat like a veterinary? So they seem not to take. The veterinary is accustomed to a cat. Medicine of duties is 6 people and a director at present. There are many nurses.

Please see the animation of X 'mass.

Please see the animation of the New Year.



2010/1/5(Tue)血中濃度Blood levelby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



When he's energetic, KURISU dislikes being held. I say to KOJIROU, lease give your service to me only a little. Only just 30 seconds." Then KOJIROU is given by me a cuddle. It's within one minute. KURISU is unbearable. KURISU struggle and escape. When KOJIROU isn't in the sight of KURISU, and he's boring, he's cuddled quietly. When there is a twitch spasm, he's excited. KURISU is wrapped in a fleece and it's hugged by force inevitably. Blood level of the twitch spasm stop increased from the end of last year became stable. So there are no petit mals. KURISU seems pitifully, and it's made selfish carelessly. It's a good thing that he's able to do feeling expression. But KURISU with a lot of things which won't be a concerned street runs wild. Then that would be a problem.

2010/1/11(Mon)やられたぁ!Wet his the 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  




Please see the animation of KURISU from the bosom.
KURISU urinated by a bed this morning as animation. It's after my daughter prepare for an accident of KURISU at midnight, that my daughter lies by the side in KURISU by a bed at the second floor of night. My daughter senses the sign of KURISU and puts he in a cage in an instant. This work is as she is a samurai at all. But my daughter sometimes fail. The bed mat is safe because the waterproof outer cover is paved below and it is crowded. Daughter's pajamas got wet. My daughter said,"Even pants smell of urination." If my daughter marries, KURISU is taken care of by the husband and me. Is it OK? When are a bed mat and pajamas washed like every day?

2010/1/18(Mon)中華味Chinese tasteby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



At a midnight snack at nine o'clock, my daughter held and said KURISU, "The smell of the Chinese!" At supper, my husband puts it in with KURISU in the pocket and eats. The menu of yesterday's supper was a pot of Chinese meat dumplings. It's that My husband hung sauce to a face of KURISU. Its smell and the smell of the tuna of a/d can were mixed, and KURISU was the wonderful smell. KURISU doesn't have a good nose, so it isn't understood. May that he has caused a petit mal be the cause?

Please see interesting animation.


2010/1/20(Wed)強制給餌Compulsory mealby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU was lying idle. KOJIROU cried, so a picture is KURISU which jumped out of bed. When a face of the KURISU is often seen, there is mucus much. Food was probably forced into a hole of a nose by his tongue at food. I make the phone call of a report of the state of KURISU to a veterinarian in a morning on Tuesday every week. The price gauged with a scale in a house (the body fat scale in the ordinary home) last month is 3.0 kilos. But, that I measure at a veterinarian, 2.8 kilos. Is there an error so much? It was done to weigh oneself at a veterinarian from now on then. There was also 0.15 kilos of error by a scale in a house and a veterinarian as expected yesterday. A cat can't measure a scale for domestic use correctly. A side effect of phenobarbitasl of a twitch spasm stop destroys a cell of a liver. The correct weight of KURISU is necessary to compound a balance of action of medicine and side effect in the good condition exactly. The error of the weight of the 50g is bad! I'd like to keep the weight of KURISU fixedly, but this is quite difficult. The weight which is he after he causes a petit mal in the end of the year, one between 2.8-3.05 kilos, it's toing and froing. It isn't decided. Feed of for 1 syringe (about 12 ml) was increased from two weeks ago. But KURISU also weighs 2.85 kilos this time. It doesn't increase. A family doctor said, "Please increase another bottle." We make him eat by force in KURISU's having no appetite. Regrettable.

2010/1/25(Mon)体温上昇Temperature elevationby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A picture is KURISU which appeared on the other day's animation. When he has caused a petit mal, I make him drink Diazepam of an one-shot medicine. It's wrapped in a fleece compulsorily and he's laid down. So KURISU dislikes a cuddle very much recently. That would be a problem. When making KURISU eat food, I have to hold him. I have to make sure that KURISU won't dislike a cuddle somehow. We don't hold him excessively almost! When there is worry of feces and urine of KURISU, KURISU is given a cuddle fairly by this convenience. That's stopped. If KURISU will be very sleepily, and the condition collapses, we hold him. My husband always puts it in with KURISU in the pocket and takes a nap after lunch for a holiday. My husband gets up first, so sound applies something on KURISU after that, and makes it difficult to hear. Mat wrapped KURISU in a fleece yesterday, and had and was here on it. It's too hot! So I found it and peeled off a fleece right now. There is no vigor of KURISU at supper, and it's thrown up. His body temperature rose as expected. A body temperature adjustment can't do KURISU by itself, I don't have that. And he's lacking in the power which raises a body. So we have to pay attention.

2010/1/30(Sat)不機嫌Bad moodby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is black this morning. There is no appetite and even if KURISU is embraced, it escapes soon. The daughter said. "It was made to awake at the time of food and it was made to eat though KURISU was asleep well. "The daughter goes to the second floor with KURISU after the breakfast. KURISU checked it going around the neighborhood of sleeping or my daughter twice by a bed before. He grooms himself strenuously near my daughter in order for KURISU to go out with my daughter these days. When my daughter can prepare, and he goes downstairs with KURISU and comes, he looks for KOJIROU.

2010/2/2(Teu)体重測定Measurement of body weightby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


    まるで赤ちゃんですね。今日火曜日は薬の日ですので、昨日間を見て、チョイと栗ボの体重測定に動物病院へ 2.9`でした。何でぇ★餌シリンジ1本分12mlほど増量して2week経過したのに、ちーっとも体重増えないねぇ。先日主治医に会った時もその話題で、猫プ「体重の増えが悪いっすね。ウンピで皆出ちゃうんですかねぇ?」 センセ「そう言う事も考えられる」って真面目顔で仰る。体重測定に出かけてもう一つ今更ながら気づいたんですが、看護士さんが「ハイ栗ちゃん体重測定しますね」って持って行った。看護士さんに抱かれた栗ちゃん、とても不安そうに固まって居た、されるがマンマ。家で家族が抱っこすると、すぐ文句こいて逃げ出そうとするくせに!当たり前かそれだけ家族にゃ甘えれるちゅう事やね

It seems that KURISU of a picture is a baby. Tuesday, today's is a day of medicine. I went to a veterinarian in weight measurement of KURISU yesterday. It was 2.9 kilos. Food is increased for 1 syringe (12 ml), and 2week has passed. The weight of KURISU doesn't increase at all. When meeting a family doctor the other day, it was the topic. I said. "The weight of KURISU doesn't increase. Does everyone go out by feces?" A family doctor said seriously. "I can also think I say so." I went out to weight measurement and noticed another. A male nurse brought him to the consulting room in order to do weight measurement of KURISU. KURISU having been held by the nurse seemed to be very uneasy. When the family holds KURISU at home, he escapes the complaint remark at once. KURISU can fawn on the family surely.

Please see the animation of yesterday's KURISU.


2010/2/3(Wed)栗ちゃんの母Mother of KURISUby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's cold for a north wind today. I went to a veterinarian to take medicine for KURISU yesterday. And I said at a reception desk. "Is there o x a teacher?" KURISU is a regular customer visitor, so it's a free pass. A staff of the hospital is putting something on their chest recently. Everyone is whispering to his chest. "? ?", The veterinary who noticed me said to his chest. "A mother of KURISU has come. Does a ox teacher hear? Please!"So I murmured by a low voice. "Mother of KURISU? I don't produce orange tabby.", Then a visitor in addition to the lounge laughed. By the way, I'm "nurse" of KURISU, and my daughter is "mama" of KURISU. A family doctor calls my daughter "elder sister" of KURISU. KOJIROU is for the elder brother of KURISU for saying so. Then is my daughter for KOJIROU and the brother? I'm sorry to say quite stupid thing.

2010/2/8(Mon)栗ちゃんの得意ポーズGood poseby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's an ordinary sitting pose for KURISU. The family doctor kind to KURISU from the beginning starts "Nijinnooka Veterinarian" today in Tokoname-shi, Aichi. If I'll bother there next week, and I collect data, I'll write an article. A family doctor comes to the "Rinngonoki veterinarian" on Tuesday every week. If a Nijinooka veterinarian becomes prosperous, a family doctor retires from a Rinngonoki veterinarian formally. It's under care continuously up to that. Other veterinarians grasp almost all information on KURISU for a conference in the hospital, too. So KURISU is also all right with absence for a family doctor. Even other veterinarians can treat KURISU with his directions. I'd like the closeness which can go in several minutes by car above all.★

2010/2/10(Wed)足食うぞ!Eat your toe!by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A picture of KURISU has a disability with its limb which isn't a restroom pose a little, so as I'm coming to a deadlock. Yesterday has prescribe weekly medicine by animal disease medicine. The amount of the medicine was a small amount, so I was also interested in a few changes in the weight and had them measure by a scale of a little hospital of an error. It was 3.0 kilos. But urine has not gone out this morning, so are about 200 grams minus? I was languid for one day yesterday. But it isn't active, so food is eaten quietly. A cuddle is disliked, so if it quite lies idle and is suitable, we don't assume that I don't have that. KOJIROU is still willful, it short-circuited outside at noon yesterday, trouble. The hair which seems to be a calico cat was caught between the nail of KOJIROU, and hair of the calico cat which could also be picked off in a parking lot bunched up, and fell. And a real quarrel breaks out in the evening. But because KOJIROU had been also out to patrol in the evening, wasn't the twice's quarrel also so intense? Chestnuts was reacting to the unusual state of KOJIROU, wasn't he?

2010/2/14(Sun)にじの丘動物病院 Rainbow hill animal hospitalby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The photograph is "KURISU also is participating. "After Kurisu's history of having, "Rainbow hill animal hospital"..Mr.Kato, physician in charge who had looked after.. was opened to Aichi Prefecture Tokoname City. It went with my husband. KURISU is a house sitting. For these two days, KURISU cools down. I'm rather languid and it doesn't move. But without complaining, rice is eaten. When complaining, Please see → animation in this way when complaining.

2010/2/17(Wed)高Ca・高Na・低Khigh-Ca,high-Na,low-Kby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It isn't in the [KOTATSU] foot warmer table with a quilt over it. My pocket. But, I'm entering [KOTATSU] a foot warmer table with a quilt over it. KURISU is quiet recently. On a day of a blood test, I also have Kato family doctor examine yesterday. They seem to have received a blood test quietly. The liver value and calcium level are raised as usual, the high sodium value and the low potassium value. It was remembered, but I say whatever is done even if I lobby for certain noncommercial broadcasting of a television even if I reduce salt by a theme as "mysterious high blood pressure", it doesn't fall and moreover that there is sudden high blood pressure on some days. It's said that several millimeters of "boil" is made in an adrenal. The hormone for which sodium as ARUDOSUTERON is secured is water increase with that I obtrude, and sodium in the blood increases and to thin that, and the pressure to the blood vessel becomes strong. The urine amount also increases and a potassium goes out with urine. With that, the high sodium value and the low potassium value. When I get "boil" by a laparoscope operation, it's said that they ordinarily return. The Addison's disease as which an adrenal doesn't function any more is generally the low sodium value* high potassium value by the reverse above-mentioned for Mr. Kato to say it. KURISU said "transformable Addison".

2010/2/20(Sat)ゲボFeel sick by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh



Before noon, water has been thrown up fairly. KURISU cannot drink water for myself, and the intake of oral fluids worries about the accidental ingestion pneumonia. Can the necessity be kneaded, be mixed with the a/d can of food (made of Hill's-Colgate Ltd.), it give or only the hypodermic drip be done. It worries when vomiting. It informed tentatively, it put in the tree animal hospital of the apple, and it came to carry because it was "Rinbow Hill animal hospital" in which Mr.Kato, physician in charge was opened today of Mr.Kato with the E-mail putting. To make sure though it is thought it is perhaps safe.

Please see this morning's animation.


2010/2/27(Sat)餌と食事Food&mealby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Eel cat DESU in the house knowing and Mr. Akatsuka's "eel dog" in "Genius Bakabonn" won't be! A neck goes out and enters.Is appetite of KURISU about 6/10? Sleepiness comes to its senses and doesn't do yet, and I wait, and if it's the inside, you eat somehow. It's in the fleeing habit and is fair, the salary, food isn't developed. Since eating a bite, I struggle and flee. You can make an effort fairly by the wind tells to catch with. But food is also fine for an ordinary cat, when I don't have a cuddle, KURISU is the cat which can't be eaten, so it's meal equivalence. It's the compulsion salary feed, so it'll be food doing which is while seeing a mood of KURISU attentively. A meal is a heart, a gate. Relationship of mutual trust can't be built for a meal of 4 times every day and the compulsory meal which doesn't calm down each time. This is that it's most important to spare a heart and take charge for KURISU which has come from the first. With a lot of time when KURISU has no appetite, when I'll age now, it would increase more. Then I think I don't begin to talk even if rice mentions that there is no relationship of mutual trust. It's same as man. I learned this thing by care for the old so that it was painful. In the mouth which is KURISU together with timing, food, it's put in, if it isn't while settling a heart and seeing the state of KURISU. Then it's quite difficult for other ones while having the intention stolen. While even man is nursing, the nursing of partner's feeling and the meal which is without timing is impossible, isn't it? Now that it was kept after determining on an obstacle, we're in charge of an owner and KURISU is pretty. I think the meal is important, always take time and do calmly. So the time when I have no appetite of chestnuts would be difficult for others to understand, but the going out is difficult. Because I'm busy, a meal is food. It's also same at child rearing, isn't it? Since a meal is food, I think character building is affected big. A feed is also nutrition at the very important heart by an animal by man.

2010/3/10(Wed)快調かも?Good condition?by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Hey, KURISU is opening digitus pedis in evidence that the holding is hated so much though it is held by the loved daughter. It was a day of a regular blood test yesterday. Calcium is the highest value within the normal range. (12.5 of 8.8-11.9mg/dl,The correction value is 11.9. ) Because weight became 3.0kg and just good conditions as for liver value (GPT.GOT), it has improved it a little(GPT274 GOT72). I hear that there is a happening, and KURISU almost fell dangerously from the examination table this while Mr.Kato took his eyes off for a moment though the value of potassium was a low value. And, it gets excited because it is surprised, the breath has become rough, and potassium seems to have been exhausted to KURISU. However, safe and KURISU are very cats even if falling from the top floor on the stairs. Because it landed neatly. It always entrusts to the veterinary hospital at half a day in the afternoon, and Mr.Kato pulls out KURISU's blood slowly during the hospital break time in the quiet surrounding on the day of the blood test. Therefore, Kurisu sleeps soon after it becomes tired very much, and it comes home.

2010/3/20(Sat)不調の兆しSymptom of slumpby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It was a symptom of slump last week. A small fit every other day. The downward curve of an energetic appetite gradually both. The outdoor cat : in the last stage of sexual excitement. There is not KOJIROU's fight wound recently either. It is asleep though Kurisu's midnight snack is 9 PM without vigour. It doesn't eat easily even if it causes it. Additionally, the right eye doesn't open. Shorting the beard caught one's eye when thinking. There was an instruction to drink mixing the diazepam of the fit stop from Mr.Kato, physician in charge with food in a half amount every morning. The side effect occurs strongly from the diazepam for Kurisu when the weight corresponding amount is drunk. What on earth has happened in KURISU's inside of the body though the ratio of the amount of Phenobal of KURISU's weight vs. fit stop medicine was well-balanced up to now? There is only a stand-off.

2010/3/22(Mon)春分の日The Vernal Equinox Dayby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A diary changed a little. It was written in unskillful English by an idea.It's impossible without help of course! A free translation site is used. Please don't worry about everyone! But if I have that, please teach me to notice, give my best regards. I think a diary in front of the gradualness will also do English indication and go! DIAZEPAM of an one-shot medicine often works, and KURISU eats food calmly. DIAZEPAM seems to suppress cerebral activity a little. Still, KURISU likes KOJIROU very much! I'd like to make them appreciate KURISU, too, and morning and evening feed is being prepared for the sparrows which come to the garden. KURISU is seeing sparrows seriously. While a sparrow is having a feed, a curfew order goes out of KOJIROU at around 10 minutes. Cats in a some other place can't also pass through a garden. I don't want a sparrow, so no hard feelings. Vigor of KURISU is hoping that it continues just as it is.

2010/4/12(Mon)バージョンアップUpgradeby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



After a long time. When I begin to do, it doesn't stop at my bad habit! It was an English translation of this diary described by the previous article, but I thought from the front and was here for many years. KURISU is almost fine. A petit mal of a twitch continued last month. Diazepam of an one-shot medicine can't take medicine long. It was so and Phenobarbitasl of a twitch spasm stop was increased a little. So KURISU is languid recently. Only when finding KOJIROU, KURISU is excited. He doesn't move so much, so I'm anxious whether the muscle strength of KURISU doesn't fall. And KURISU is somewhat pitiful. But only one of KURISU could be done now. It could be laid by itself. KURISU squats at the place where he got tired so far, and because it can't be overthrown and move just as it is, he sleeps. It's sometimes here KURISU goes to neighborhood of KOJIROU, and so he lies down, and that that lies idle. KURISU seems to be reading a comic book with the second son for the left picture!

2010/5/20(Thu)英訳完了!English translation completionby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It was a season of fresh green. I'm quite silent. An English translation of want has been completed finally. When it rains, my garden may be mossy. I have a stomachache for one month. I'd like never to perform an operation, so I went to a doctor to take a gastrocamera. It was in good order. A mental one? If an animation can be taken, the state of KURISU shows it. KURISU is afraid of outside, so he desn't like outside, but hair came out recently, so it was taken out to outside to brush. The, also a picture was taken.

2010/5/23(Sun)嚥下障害Swallow obstacleby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



There is no petit mal and cough and vomit at all in KURISU recently. But start of eating food has a cramp in his mouth a little. I think a swallow obstacle. When seeing an animation, it's obvious. A family doctor says, "There is pneumogastric in a throat. That controls the sympathetic nerve and a parasympathetic nerve. When swallowing food, there is stimulated, and Kurisu's face is tilting to the top one after another." When swallowing, moment breathing stops, so KURISU is more painful. It's a war each time. It seems to continue for life. Pitiful. I feed a little slowly, but a twitch goes out to start of eating. And KURISU gets tired with the end.

2010/5/25(Tue)高カルシウムHigh calciumby 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Today is a fixed period blood test. Calcium was very expensive and was high albumin high sodium and a low potassium as usual. The numerical value of the liver was also rising. So KURISU administered the intravenous drip injection with which calcium is thinned. There were a little much twitches of the mouth introduced by the previous diary at lunch before a check, and KURISU didn't eat easily. I thought the these days were hot, and KURISU was languid. A family doctor said "A brain disorder by a car accident may be the cause for an adrenal function decline of KURISU." The liquid of which he gave an intravenous drip injection to a foot of KURISU of a picture flowed, and he gained weight. I expect to recover from high calcium of KURISU with this. Talk changes, but I have received a sachet of homemade chamomile and a cloth dust jacket from Mrs.Mama TETO. A dust jacket had the applique of orange tabby similar to KURISU. Thank you very much. Chamomile is my favorite fragrance. The gentle fragrance.

2010/6/5(Sat)元気モリモリFull of vitality. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is the first picture which has come to the house for 2003 years. This was processed into wallpaper in the room in KURISU. Last week, first KURISU became fine finally. I worried whether high calcium still continued up to that. The radical symptom didn't go out to KURISU, so I saw how things are. It wasn't understood for some reason, but he got back. I participated in an event of a company of my work day husband, too. My husband will be retirement under the age limit several years later. An explanatory meeting of severance pay, a pension and reemployment. I heard talk variously so far, and determined only a little. But the reality was taken on. It's the law a country set that a company gets an age-limit system of 65 years old or a reemployment system. Husband's company is a reemployment system, there is no full time now for depression since Riemann shock. So the income of the house also decreases sharply to the part-time degree after husband's retirement under the age limit. I didn't miss a national pension and paid all the while. But provision of an old pension was withdrawn by 65 years old from 60 years old suddenly. How do I live even 65 years old after I retire under the age limit? Divine protection of management of the careless pension system of the person who was taking office which is Japan for a long time. We also waste millions of yen more than employee resigned on reaching retirement age 10 years before. That will advance one after another from now on. There are more few old pensions for our junior. Almost all old pension system may be failure the time of our child. We have paid a pension as it is called by a country seriously. Anger is welling up newly. What was the certain government we on earth entrusted doing? The people's who seized power from the ancient past being convenient, a matter is developed. But don't get angry. Origin is also a brother the present Aramasa right. May it be expected a little? Talk returns to KURISU. So one after husband's retirement under the age limit several years later can't spend money of a large amount on the medical expenses of KURISU. How shall I do? But don't worry. Because he is pretty, KURISU can never cut him off! I exert myself. But I'm worried.

2010/6/8(Wed)身支度Outfitting by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is here along the direction of a joint of a tatami seat. Then a foot fails KURISU where he have no power like a picture. KURISU an upper picture would be a problem and which is a face. But when I point a camera, it's a camera look! Every morning daughter prepares attendance while looking after KURISU on the second floor. I vacuum in the mean time. And when my daughter begins to change the clothes, it's said that he grooms himself a lot. KURISU seems to be going to go to the office with my daughter. If I stood up a short while ago, KURISU which was near me was slightly surprised. So you were embarrassed, but if I did a fart, KURSU was surprised and ran in under the table. When the outside temperature will be around 30 times, KURISU doesn't move to the route end. He's bedridden. Because today is about 25 times, KURISU is following Kojiro vigorously. As far as his feces and urine are seen, there seems to be no dehydration. Food is often also eaten silently. Please see the animation. An animation of feces and urine of KURISU. I'm sorry.

2010/6/18(Fri)梅雨The rainy season by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It's hot a lull in the rain in the rainy season. An old mat ripped, so KURISU lies idle on the new cooling mat. There was a strange thing last night. KURISU lies idle in the second floor with my daughter at midnight. We had a bad sleep a little last night. My daughter seems to have woken three times. KURISU was in the cage immediately next to the bed three times. She should hold and sleep together. The second time, KURISU, feces and urine, it was a cage. Even if KURISU moves a little at midnight, my daughter makes Cage move him in parallel reflexly. When sleeping in the evening, my daughter doesn't neglect precaution. They seem to be a warrior. It would be also so last night. But it's said that there is no remembrance for my daughter. I have to be able to do this work, the lying by the side of midnight KURISU is dangerous. A possibility it'll be together full of urination is big. When I lie by the side or don't have a cuddle, KURISU doesn't lie idle. He'll be worried.

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2010/6/20(Sun)我がりんごの樹動物病院Tree of Apple veterinarian by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A director in "Tree of Apple veterinarian" of my reliance is ambition. He's highly motivated in expansion of facilities. He's promising as a proprietor. Does he introduce CT next? It starts to be a university hospital there. That place is neighborhood, so I'm convenient. But I may not receive my hand any more. A client seems to rush into there aiming at good treatment. The owner who doesn't wish would leave the high medical treatment. For example the grandmother in neighborhood who puts a pet cat on the previous basket of a bicycle and comes and the grandfather while taking a walk who comes to the receipt of the medical examination with a dog. How shall KURISU do from now on? Crossing of the life is difficult, so veterinarian's advice wants at such time. When it's called by a family doctor "then I'll take CT, for the price, ten thousand yen", that would be a problem a little. We can't go to owner's salvo any more casually by grounds. But because man and a pet wish for high medical treatment recently, it's inevitable. And it's little, so such highly motivated veterinarian is the rarity value which can take pride in an area. Tree of Apple veterinarian becomes close and far. Because it was family-like there, I was good. When an owner knows the state of the pet in detail, and learns about treatment method, they would like to cure a pet. The person who doesn't rather know may be happy. I worry.

2010/7/7(Wed)七夕だよんStar Festival by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A quiz: Are Orihime and Altair of a Star Festival a sweetheart? Are their a married couple? Excuse me, it's unrelated in KURISU. The price of the liver and high calcium of KURISU continue. When it's hot, KURISU doesn't move to the route end. His eyes follows KOJIROU. This is a dangerous zone. It's also a red signal like a body. He gets up suddenly at urination, and he urinate at a place by the hem. When he fails more, he urinates while sleeping. When the diaper is made him, he can't get up. His lower part of the body is tainted, and I have to wash him. In so seeming to be the left picture I finger a bladder by hand and make sure of the pool condition of the urination. And I'll watch him until urination goes out. I can't go out on such day. It's all right to put KURISU in a cage for a short while. When he's languid, he can't toss about in bed. I'm worried about his bedsore. On a day of medicine for the other day's KURISU, I asked a family doctor. A family doctor said. "A bedsore of less than 6 kilometers of small dogs and cats has not been seen. Because it's light, KURISU is probably all right with 3 kilometers." Because I'm interested, but I lay down KURISU on the cushion as much as possible. And it's every 2 hours and he's woken up or his posture is changed. During having gone to bed, when she wakes, my daughter changes posture of KURISU. I have another problem recently. Vomit of KOJIROU doesn't go away. The weight also fell in 5.3 kilos from 5.8 kilos half year. It's KOJIROU that KURISU revived, came to the house and tasted first 7 years ago. So KOJIROU is a mother of KURISU by print. (Response: I think there are a lot of ones you know, but a correct answer is a married couple.)

2010/7/19(Mon)入院Hospitalization by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU entered 7/13. KOJIROU was throwing up away just then. KOJIROU is also reexamination.KURISU worries about an eye suddenly, and the right picture is an eye of KURISU which has swollen in red in a moment. The same thing has also occurred to 2008/7/7. I recovered soon. And he recur suddenly. There is a thing when being hospitalization at the time of Addisonian crisis of 2008/10/19, so even if I say hospitalization, it's the pattern to which he go regularly every day by a day trip. Calcium level of a fixed period blood test of 7/13 was a peak. He also had an appetite without a twitch for these several days. A family doctor goes to Guam to get medicine made in America this week, and it's absence. Other veterinarians examine KURISU while making a contact with a family doctor alternately. I go to hospital regularly to do food doing of KURISU of noon and nightfall this time. It's usual, but even if an owner comes, KURISU shows no reaction. The cats other ones enter welcome me. As far as the numerical value is seen, it's dehydration. To plan for improvement gently, even if he give an intravenous drip injection all day, the number of times of the one of the urine and the amount don't increase. KURISU when being a blood test of 6/22, weighed 3.1 kilos, so he cut down at food. Water is added to food, so I think the water was also lacking with cutting of the food. Dehydration begins the intravenous drip which is all day, and it's the convalescent tendency finally on the 3rd. But the afternoon of 7/18 Sundays and event occurrence on the 5th. KURISU winds a tube put on an intravenous drip around a foot and a body and goes around during hospitalization. And, it gets twisted when discovered and is helpless. There isn't a watch, so the midnight is dangerous. So KURISU doesn't administer an intravenous drip injection at midnight. When a veterinarian enlarged last year, a veterinarian and a male nurse were increased and were about 20 people in all. Staff's work was the reduced state, so I requested at hospitalization. "KURISU is here on its feces and urine, so when he's hospitalized, a body smells. When he go home, there are a lot of lying by the side and cuddle in KURISU. The smell is unpleasant. If so his urine seat is frequently seen, and his feces and urine have gone out, I want you to change a seat." Request passed, I'm thankful, it's saved. So everyone of a staff frequently took notice of KURISU. However, no matter how they see, KURISU wraps the drip tube around the body. A veterinarian canceled an intravenous drip in the evening and administered a subcutaneous intravenous drip injection by replenishment inevitably. And if my daughter went to food doing of KURISU at five o'clock, he was returned. And and moreover another event. KURISU which went home relaxed. KURISU doesn't lie idle at all at a hospital. When he go home, so he tire and sleep. If so a midnight snack had been finished, he slept with my daughter immediately. My daughter has held Kurisu and has gone downstairs before 12 o'clock at the midnight. "He had the whole body twitch attack!" The previous whole body twitch attack is 4 years before. That case was hand mistake and wasn't such terrible attack. This time is an intense whole body twitch attack for more than 1 minute. My daughter was sleeping, so she didn't know what happened to a sudden thing, and every futon was strong and my daughter hugged KURISU immediately. My daughter, an arm, it could catch terribly. He ran wild unreasonably, so she thought the whole body twitch attack. I made first aid contact with a veterinarian for now. It was directed by the family doctor who does and goes to Guam a little by telephone. It's thanks in quick correspondence. A director, midnight also tells about this urgent network. I thought I had to make KURISU drink Diazepam by the half asleep head. Grooming was popular in KURISU after going home last night. I thought I was interested in a taping of hard means of fastening on which protection has fixed a route put on an intravenous drip certainly. Intense grooming is also a presage of an attack. And after KURISU got up this morning, sheets had a mark of big slaver. Does slaver hang down after strong tension of the whole body twitch? This whole body twitch attack equals an attack at the first time. An intravenous drip is canceled today. It's because it's bad when the cerebral pressure and the blood pressure are raised, and a stress of hospitalization is applied. The contents of free electrolyte weren't improving, so he administered a subcutaneous intravenous drip injection a little. I didn't notice, but today was "Marine Day" in a holiday. Medical examination and treatment time is only the morning, but medical examination and treatment time of KURISU is two o'clock. A patient also comes until late on a day in half day. 3.25 kilos of today's Kurisu's weight. Water of yesterday's last additional subcutaneous intravenous drip is still left for a body, and the form of KURISU has gotten flabby.

2010/7/21(Wed)脱水警報解除Dehydration warning release by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The left picture is a stain on slaver of KURISU. When KURISU got up in a morning of 7/20, there was a stain on slaver bigger than his face. KURISU gave slaver from extreme tension by the whole body twitch attack at the previous midnight. It's dehydration warning release of KURISU from yesterday. 4 times, KURISU did urine once this morning yesterday. Addison's disease seems weak in a stress. A hospitalization intravenous drip was cancelled to reduce a stress of KURISU by directions from the family doctor who goes to Guam. He doesn't do a blood test every day. He administered a subcutaneous intravenous drip injection to only 200cc this morning. KURISU knew to give an intravenous injection to his back, and he was very cautious. They felt so afraid of KURISU, so a veterinary said. "A blood test is also stopped today. I'll judge by cheer of KURISU and appetite." He's flabby body by water put on an intravenous drip. That can't be put on easily. Even if it'll be in the evening, he's flabby body. A body is heavy, and he can't move. He's bedridden throughout the day. KURISU is surprised at a few sounds, and Japan which went to a veterinarian can't lie down on KURISU. I come to feel sorry for him.


2010/7/24(Sat)まだまだ高カルシウムIt's still high calcium. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



High calcium doesn't improve easily. Even if it's thinned with liquid put on an intravenous drip, Ca price doesn't fall. Na and the price of the albumin are high! So dehydration of KURISU doesn't heal. It isn't improved easily a little that it was dehydration.→ An adrenal doesn't function as Addison's disease.→ A hormone doesn't go out.→ The hormone to improve that in a stress doesn't go out.→ It's weak in a stress. And it was this high calcium. Dehydration is a key word.★ My husband becomes retirement age in several years more. But the national pension which makes the premium serious and has come so far doesn't come down to 65 years old. The reemployment is also difficult after Riemann shock. So after a retiring age, we're poor. So an expensive medical cost of KURISU can't be taken out. Moreover We have to make my daughter get married, so We need money. A prediction won't thrust at the future of KURISU, but the thing expected now can consider improvement method. "It's that dehydration isn't caused first. We aren't supposed to neglect a check.", That's this lesson.

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2010/7/28(Wed)マーライオンのようにHe seems to be Marr lion. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Next week's end and eldest son's American family are temporary return. But KURISU is wrong. That would be a problem. KURISU was thrown up in quantities last night following last week's whole body twitch attack. It seemed to be Marr lion. KURISU was bathed in an outpouring thing with my daughter who lies by the side together. KURISU also had an intravenous injection of 250cc yesterday. Ca value was a normal area for a result of his blood test. Na value was high. Even if he give an intravenous drip injection every day, there are no changes in the numerical value so much, so it has been just decided in a check-up one week later this time. But, KURISU which went home from a hospital doesn't move at all. Kojiro will pass the side, but even if big sound is heard, even if KOJIROU comes to the neighborhood, KURISU doesn't move. Is KURISU breathing? Please see the animation seen many times.

2010/8/10(Teu)何となく治った?Did KURISU recover somehow by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



We were thinning calcium with an intravenous drip and was waiting for a recovery of KURISU gradually in 2 weeks. A stress of KURISU was big and the hospitalization wasn't that effective. It was canceled right now. Even if KURISU goes to hospital regularly and gives an intravenous drip injection every day, the blood test value of KURISU isn't improved so much. We reduced the number of intravenous drips gradually and waited for a recovery of KURISU patiently. 7/27 was Ca value of KURISU at last in a normal area. But KURISU is the whole body twitch, he got excited and had a seizure and vomited intensely. KURISU was getting back gradually after that. Passage was watched attentively just in case, but KURISU made for grandchild's appearance and got back. Somehow there is a difference a little with the test value and actual vigor of KURISU. And Ca value rose again today. The policy which will often be checking it and be also monitoring acceleration of a thyroid from now on. I summarized the inspection results of Kojirou.Please look.

2010/8/18(Wed)退院サポートroyalcanin recovery period Support by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

100818ヒルズのad缶からロイヤルカナンの退院サポート缶に変更     長年愛用してきたヒルズのad缶とおさらばしました。とても良い製品なのですが、作りが雑で、これにゃ最初から参ったわ。シャビーのやら、ブツブツなのやら、その時によって色々。特に栗の場合誤飲・餌飛ばしが盛んなので、ブツブツは困ったわぁ。何度もセンセにゃお話してるんですがね。この度急におフランスのロイヤルカナンの退院サポートウエットタイプに変更となった。ad缶は156c、退院サポートは195c。計算の結果今までは30ccの水を混ぜていたが、この退院サポートでは60ccを混ぜる。なめらかでええわぁ。でも水を混ぜるとシャビシャビなので、シリンジに入れ難い。ところで、栗ちゃんですが今まで無い最高値を記録しやした。本当に不調ですわ。まだまだゲボも痙攣も続くかもね。アジソン発病から二年、ずっと副腎皮質ホルモンを補充し続けているので、ここいらでチョイと血中濃度を測ったら、全然低いジャン。全く変りなし・・で、もう一度ホルモン検査してアジソン以外の甲状腺亢進とか腫瘍の線を洗い直す事になった。ひょっとしたらアジソンでないかもしれないな。以降入院して血管からの点滴はしない。ストレスと栗栖は動きが特異で、病院側の管理が難しいから(ケージの中で寝ないで常時くるくる回るので点滴のチューブがやばい)。一日置きに皮下点滴しか今の処方法が無い。点滴後のおしっこ番と通院と、コリャー当分落ち着かんのー!

Hills's ad can used habitually for a long time was stopped. It's a very good product, the state of the contents is various. There are watery time, time full of grains and water with moderate time. There is danger of a drinking by mistake and KURISU shakes food off by a tongue. Time full of grains would be a problem. They seem to fill a grain up with a hand and an earthenware mortar at a veterinarian. I don't put it on by such thing every time. I complained about a family doctor many times. It was to try royalcanin recovery period Support made in France suddenly this time. A ad can, the amount of contents, 156g and royalcanin recovery period Support are 195g. The former ad can was mixing water of 30cc as a result of the calculation, but this royalcanin recovery period Support mixes water of 60cc. Maybe it's smooth and easy to eat. But when water is mixed, royalcanin recovery period Support becomes liquid, so it's difficult to put in a syringe. By the way KURISU recorded a Ca peak. Quite wrong. It can't also be ground whether vomit and a twitch still continue. For two years, KURISU eplenishing adrenal cortex hormone from an Addison's disease attack of a disease. Blood level was measured at this place. Then it's low value entirely. It's just different from time attacked and is not. So a family doctor is going to do a hormone check and reconsider sickness besides the Addison's disease (hyperthyroidism and tumor) once again. It may not be Addison's disease. KURISU can't be hospitalized and administer an intravenous drip injection from a blood vessel. It becomes even more wrong by a stress. And a movement is peculiar in KURISU and management of hospital side is difficult (He doesn't sleep in the cage and always goes around to one direction, so, a tube put on an intravenous drip winds.) But he gives an intravenous drip injection subcutaneously for the moment, so there are no ways. I don't cool down for the time being by going to hospital with a guard of urine of KURISU.

2010/8/21(Sat)眠れなーい!I can't sleep. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



KURISU is getting back a little. I'm thankful. But KURISU became very timid by this a sequence of turmoil. KURISU has to be held the arms, I don't sleep. KURISU is put in the bottom in my doing an errand. Then KURISU gets up and seems anxious for him right now like the left picture. I have held KURISU and have fallen into the habit originally. However, he sleeps quietly in addition or places like the baby and competes if he sleeps once. Several hour he sleeps if it is then quiet. When KOJIROU lies idle near in particular, KURISU lies idle surely. This adds up and is winter limitation. But, KURISU doesn't lie idle at all this time. And when he gives an intravenous drip injection subcutaneously, because there is worry of urination, a guard needs. Even if I'd like to do an errand, movement in the house won't be also done easily. That would be a problem. KURISU is very sensitive to sound and afraid. Because it leads to an attack, I'm worried that KURISU doesn't sleep because a brain is excited. I give up, and hold the daytime, and do to be made. When my husband and daughter go home from a company, I'm relieved. It's also my intention fine to go to a veterinarian. KURISU doesn't like a veterinarian at all. Even if KURISU gives an intravenous drip injection subcutaneously for these two days, his drainage is very good. Urination also goes out in the evening at noon in the morning. I think his dehydration is improving a lot. He has no appetite freely. KURISU transfers a grain of food to that I consulted with a family doctor and changed food hard by a tongue as expected. The contents are little impartial Hills's ad can and royalcanin recovery period Support. Because it has been just changed hard, I'll try it with this. My food doing put a syringe in from the center of the mouth of KURISU in particular, so (2006/12/21 lacked his tooth of the person who gets a syringe for the family right-handed person of all the members. It flies to the surplusage to which the location where a syringe is put in after that was changed respectively). This is the animation.

2010/8/27(Fri)点滴は続くAn intravenous drip continues. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A subcutaneous intravenous drip every one day leads to KURISU. The left picture is a ball of big urine. Urine goes out at one o'clock midnight, and feces has gone out at three o'clock. My daughter who lies by the side in KURISU didn't have enough sleep perfectly. I wish collection of an early situation somehow. Not sufficient funds continues after Riemann shock. There is no medical subtraction of KURISU. It'll be reduction of medical expenses now gradually. Almost all 7 years showed a habit of the form of KURISU. I pay attention to weight control and dehydration. The situation which will occur newly from now on is inevitable. I'm having tendency to reduce a check of KURISU gradually. There is no hospitalization of KURISU basically. Care of daily KURISU would increase severity more. Inevitable. After my daughter gets married in particular, I and my husband take all care of KURISU. I need a device variously.

2010/8/31(Tue)高Ca続くAmount Ca continues. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Today was a blood test of KURISU. The upper limit is 11.9mg, but there is 15 mg of KURISU. His Ca value is still high. But he's the convalescent tendency a little. A subcutaneous intravenous drip of KURISU also continues this week. Can amount Ca be investigated? One test result of the reconsideration was in. It was the protein a tumor makes, but it was minus by less than 1.1 mol. The tumor was difficult to consider, but it was checked just in case. Amount Ca in KURISU may be unrelated to Addison's disease. It may be an inborn Cushing disease. When it continues, amount Ca is bad influence in a kidney. KURISU is afraid of KURISU at a hospital today and it's disliked. When he's languid, it's no reaction. Vigor had come out a little, so pretty action could see KURISU now variously. Vague Kurisu's action and expression are pretty. I show you by an animation again.

2010/9/15(Wed)平和が戻るPeaceful returns. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Son's wife and grandchild returned at my American son last weekend. (It's an animation.) fear of cats has passed. But bad condition of KURISU continues. Even if KURISU gives an intravenous drip injection subcutaneously, his Ca price doesn't fall. Even if KURISU puts an intravenous drip in 250 cc, urine doesn't go out until midnight of the day. I'm worried about a function decline of his kidney. There were no tumors of hyperthyroidism for a result of the reexamination of blood of KURISU. Just amount Ca. Vomit also continues and there is also a petit mal. A subcutaneous intravenous drip starts, and two months have passed. A restroom at midnight is intense, and my daughter who lies by the side in KURISU is short of sleep. A method food was changed in order to stop only by vomit somehow. Feed of each one syringe is done every two hours with six o'clock, eight o'clock, ten o'clock, twelve o'clock, fifteen o'clock, seventeen o'clock, nineteen o'clock and twenty-one o'clock. Moreover a cuddle was stopped and it was made natural posture. In other words, I leave KURISU on the table or make them sit down, and neck origin is supported lightly and a syringe of food is put in the mouth. It's reversed and I need attention so that a chasm and ahead of the syringe don't stick. But he dislikes a cuddle originally, so his stress would decrease. An owner isn't experienced in this way yet, but a family doctor says that natural posture is preferred, so I'll exert myself. Medicine for neasea and Gaster (the medicine which suppresses a stomach acid) were prescribed. But the amount put on an intravenous drip increased, so urine at midnight wouldn't decrease. KURISU which shudders at an intravenous drip every one day is very pitiful. KURISU has to do hard concern, live and continue every day. We regret helping him carefully.

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2010/9/19(Sun)栗栖の将来The future of KURISU by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Urine leaking of the one from KURISU is always stopped by waterproof sheets like the left picture. A method food was changed in order to stop only vomit of KURISU. But without the effect. There is a lot of vomit after meal in the evening, so the medicine I made them take adds to food, and goes out. So KURISU is lacking in an attack stop, and has a spasm. We give KURISU a cuddle as expected, and I have to feed him. KURISU where the movement ability declined recently overturns. It's dangerous on the table. If horse does only medicine first at around 3 o'clock after the day before yesterday, just after it, it was thrown up. If I consult a family doctor by telephone right now, somehow the towering increase added to Phenobal of an attack stop seems to be the cause. It was replaced with the medicine which reduced towering in half amount from a minute, tomorrow right away. And an intravenous drip of KURISU continues. The family meeting was also done last night. A focus is the medical expenses of KURISU and a life-prolonging treatment problem. Isn't any more treatment also severe for KURISU? Even though an intravenous drip and medicine were stopped, KURISU isn't also the translations of which he dies right now. Can I attend to KURISU sick and pinched else every day? Is life and death of a pet decided by human convenience? It's left naturally, but anything to die naturally isn't hurt by both easiness most. A person doesn't do an unnecessary thing by person's convenience. Every time I'll bring KURISU to the intravenous drip every one day, I think so. We're wrong! But the moment we suffer more with KURISU if treatment is stopped, decision of treatment cancellation doesn't thrust at me easily. I don't understand painfulness of KURISU. A way of life and the sensitivity are different from a cat entirely by man. The history by which dogs and cats were also tamed by man is long as it has run and has evolved for a long time so that something odd may happen even if it cannibalizes, so when I'm familiar and am doing during a person certain degree of, a Western hunting race thinks of the mammals. If liking a creature really, don't I have to understand there? An animal is man, I think, seem for it doesn't come! A stray dog and a cat think the world which can't coexist with man is strange somewhere. A person is ruling nature and is thinking it's haughtily and is estranged from nature gradually. What will happen in the future including KURISU?

2010/9/26(Sun)暑さ寒さも彼岸までThe heat and the coldness are to Equinoctial week. by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It became cool suddenly from the day before yesterday, so KURISU has started. While it was hot, wrong purpose KURISU didn't move. So his muscle strength falls, and the form of KURISU doesn't move well. KURISU would like to go to Kojiro's place, but his hind leg doesn't follow! But he exercise day by day, the ability increase. And after I conferred by a family doctor and the family many times, a basis of a treatment policy of present KURISU was decided. The upper limit of the medical cost for one month is decided and it's treated with the order of the order of priority a family doctor has decided. A medical cost of KURISU in July is 100,000 yen. It cost 80,000 yen in August. From now on, the upper limit is at most 40,000 yen. It'll be usually 30,000 yen. Monthly medicine for KURISU and food charge are 24800 yen. So almost no check can also be done. An intravenous drip every one day is fern-less. If so a kidney of KURISU broke, his physical condition would be aggravated quickly. It was an amateur idea, but it was hit at the first accident on the left eye head. Therefore his smell became useless. There seems to be pituitary which controls adrenal cortex hormone around the olfactory inside. Damage may also be eaten there. The electrolyte balance of KURISU is very deformed. This adjustment may be impossible. We'll devise it so that KURISU can live pleasantly daily as much as possible. Dogs and cats can't worry about the bad condition of the mind and body which will happen now of being worried about the previous living. And there is no wisdom which understands and treats sickness and an injury for dogs and cats. So dogs and cats live through every day to the utmost. Dogs and cats also accept death naturally. It's because it's inevitable. But that may rather be happy. The man is difficult for death to accept by divine protection of wisdom we can have, and a problem at the heart is big. Since putting the human wisdom and feeling into dogs and cats just as it is, it would be bad. But the medical treatment which has developed to here now can't be made retracing. So one knows man, and we have no choice but to save and stand oneself. It's felt hard once more. Importance of the life isn't transmitted only by the life which continues. But the medical treatment which has developed to here now can't be made retracing. So we ourselves have no choice but to know, save oneself and stand it. It's felt hard once more. Importance of the life isn't transmitted only by the life which continues. But one and the important life don't want to be missing. Is this selfish? I don't know whether it's unfortunate whether room of choice of the treatment to live and continue is the happiness which is here.

2010/9/29(Wed)新生活?New life? by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The life to which KURISU doesn't administer an intravenous drip injection has started with a condition of amount Ca increasingly from today. What happens? I'm worried. A family doctor says "He'll reduce a check to the utmost, examine the condition of KURISU and advance treatment." A subcutaneous intravenous drip didn't show the excellent effect. Medicine for Addison's disease was changed to Cortril last week from Predonine. It seems effective in amount Ca. Please see an animation.

2010/10/10(Tue)栗の目がEyes of KURISU ‥ by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Yellow eye mucus goes out of KURISU in quantities rare from Friday of last week. He saw a doctor. KURISU often moved recently, so the weight decreased. 2.9kg. Was his eye violated by bacteria? I hear becoming so when the immunity weakens. Eye drops with an antibiotic pill and eye drops for an inflammatory stop became fine immediately. He worried about an eye all night at night on Saturday, and KURISU didn't lie idle at all. If putting prescribed eye drops, he sleeps throughout the day. KURISU which worries about an eye was also quite pretty. KURISU checked a blemish of the eye, a yes or no of an infection, ocular barometer and an antipathy. Bacteria in the eye mucus were cultivated. KURISU went to a veterinarian in weight measurement a short while ago. It's said that the bacteria weren't in the eye mucus. The character of the pus of eye mucus was a neutrophil. An usual just inflammation is taken out. He might recover right now.

Please see an animation.

2010/10/30(Sat)台風Typhoon by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



A typhoon passed. It amounted to little. A typhoon will pass through the Kanto area now. After everyone in Kanto area is careful. KURISU is completely fine. A cat is already the season which is balled and lies idle, isn't it? My daughter is here with KURISU on the second floor every morning while preparing attendance. KURISU is the restroom time in the mean time often. When my daughter leaves near KURISU, so he's put in a cage certainly. Energetic KURISU was playing soccer by his feces. The feces of KURISU is always solid. So he lie surely, and it would be fascinating. But a foot of KURISU smells! He was washed by me. He enjoyed soccer of feces secretly, so unfortunately I don't have the picture. KURISU is also living happily with KOJIROU. The sparrow and a pigeon which comes to the garden probably look like a child rearing season in autumn. Quite busy. That's also one of pleasantness. A child pigeon of two birds left the other day (Please see an animation.) grows up by an eaves of my home and comes to the garden every day. The small child pigeon which is soon is gentle. A picture was taken right in front of the child pigeon a short while ago, but a child pigeon isn't upset! Even if I hold KOJIROU and bring it close, a child pigeon isn't upset! But KOJIROU didn't also notice child pigeon of the color of the entourage and the similar color at all. Dangerous. I'll show you a pretty animation by vigor of KURISU soon.

2010/11/9(Tue)体重2.8kgWeight 2.8kg by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The day when today is weekly weight measurement. The weight doesn't increase from summer. KURISU doesn't reach 3kg of a target. He was also energetic, so it was to reduce the moisture content added to food. Water of 100cc was being mixed about a can of leaving support, but it's reduced in 60cc. I don't find out that he dislikes watery feed or that a leaving support can dislikes, but even if KURISU become fine, he doesn't eat so much. So it was to try a ad can and a leaving support can alternately. Please see an animation.

2010/11/17(Wed)良い事思いついた by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



It became cold, so two are attached and lie idle. I calm down. It was thought of that I'd like recently. When it becomes hot, KURISU is wrong in the route end. So in the next summer, I'll cut in summer of KURISU. I'll have a trimmer in a veterinarian tell me. A veterinarian doesn't do a haircut of a cat. And when KURISU goes to a veterinarian, a mood is bad. I think so I'll cut summer without help somehow. The weight of KURISU doesn't reach 3 kg of a target easily. But KURISU is energetic. Which does KURISU like, a ad can or leaving support? Both are also fine for KURISU. When there is a lot of moisture content of the food, feed in the syringe is energetic in his mouth, and it enter. I think that KURISU doesn't like that. If the amount of the water is reduced a little, with no trouble KURISU eats. But I'm worried about his dehydration. A family doctor said, "If feces of KURISU becomes stiff, and I decrease in the urine amount of KURISU, a blood test of KURISU is done right now." Understanding! Please see an animation.

2010/12/23(Tue)今年もラストIt's also last this year. 猫のプーさん  



It's also last this year increasingly, isn't it? What kind of X'mass and end of the year does everyone spend? I was saying that it was cold in December by a weather forecast. But it's the mild winter for the moment. Maybe it becomes cold from X'mass. KURISU is very fine. He run after KOJIROU every day. He weighs 2.95kg and it's eternal. I go to a veterinarian in weight measurement while having medicine and food for KURISU on Tuesday every week. KURISU also coughed a little this week last week. KURISU in the middle of winter becomes wrong every year, so attention is needed. I'm teaching a performance to KURISU at energetic time. When I call "KOJIROU!", KURISU also cries together. KURISU answers that I call "KURISU". A director in a veterinarian was speaking about worries of emergency case's reception at midnight the other day. I'm very thankful for the telephone reception at midnight in a veterinarian for a cat like KURISU for certain. But it's serious that the veterinarian who doesn't have much time normally to sleep answers to the telephone at midnight. A veterinary prefers the one which doesn't force itself so much, too. Many Mr. other patients are falling back on a veterinary. It's that an owner decides whether it spans a veterinarian basically. KURISU sometimes makes the urgent phone call in a veterinarian at midnight. Trouble of the veterinary who does a reception of the telephone just in case is considered. If I think I need veterinary's judgement absolutely, this hangs an emergency call at midni

2011/1/2(Sun)新年は良いわHappy New Year! by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Happy New Year! KURISU of a new year is fine. I'm happy. Doesn't the left picture come out prettily more? Now, there is a thing I want everyone to consider. When becoming wrong with a pet cat, that you don't speak the same language, don't you become worried? You'll hesitate about whether you'll bring a pet cat to the veterinarian. Moreover if that's midnight, you're in trouble. Should an owner judge that he'll bring you to the veterinarian? Or is a judgement entrusted to a veterinarian? This questionnaire isn't used besides the my home page, so don't worry. Please, give my best regards.

2011/1/27(Tue)耳の皮膚病?Skin disease of an ear? by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  


Please click a picture. It becomes big.
Is KURISU a dermatosis of an ear? It probably seems to be one kind of true fungus. Does the immunity power of KURISU fall? The true fungus is troublesome. A test result will go out next week. The fixed period MRI photography by which my daughter is a brain to a university hospital this week. And I have gone out to master's house of Kimono dressmaking to learn a coat dressed in kimono. My daughter takes charge for KURISU until a new address of my daughter and him will be completed, and marriage moves. I go to master's house of Kimono dressmaking about half year in the mean time. So my husband went to a veterinarian in weight measurement of KURISU, a medical examination and picking up of medicine and food. Is an ear itchy in KURISU? Is it painful? It isn't understood. When an affected part is fingered, it's disliked. But KURISU can't write an affected part by itself. Everyone doesn't also mind midnight and a questionnaire result of the previous time seems not to request a ruling for a veterinarian. I think it's decided, but I'd like whether an owner sees a doctor mainly. Midnight needs consideration in particular. I'm warned, too. Also the voice account is made KURISU and a brain is activated this year, monkey. And I think KURISU would like to do the consideration spent peacefully by the quiet environment.

2011/2/8(Tue)エキサイトExcitement by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



One month after. My daughter left the office for marriage. I ask my daughter for care of URISU, and am well-informed about study of Kimono dressmaking to master's house in 7 after. KURISU is fine! 2.95 kilos of weight is maintained. A steroid also worked and became quite good a skin disease of an ear of KURISU. I'm feeding a wild bird in a garden in order to have made feeling of KURISU excited from winter two years ago. But, I and my husband are excited. I feed a wild bird, in KOJIROU and MON of the next pet cat, requiring care! A dusky thrush eats an orange, scatters and drops it on the bottom. The white-eye which was eating that was caught by KOJIROU. The sparrow which was sent by a dusky thrush away and came down to the ground was caught by MON. So we thought variously. That was made an animation. Please see it! KURISU isn't appearing. It's excited because KURISU visits the sparrow, the white-eye and the dusky thrush which come near to food of course. There is a way to make a heart of KURISU calm down only KOJIROU and a little bird.

2011/2/12(Sat)身支度?Outfitting? by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Please click a picture. It becomes big
I thought spring had already approached, but it was retraced in winter again. The left picture is KURISU where several mustaches are be always broken. Because does an owner wrap KURISU in a fleece and give the baby a cuddle? Because is KURISU put in the futon when sleeping? When KURISU is fine, action is very cute. For example KURISU where my daughter and I thought that to change the clothes near begins to groom itself. KURISU seems going to go out with us. KURISU answers that an owner calls "KURISU!" certainly, and he looks back and comes here. KURISU looks for KOJIROU strenuously and when he finds KOJIROU, rejoices. Please see an animation of continuation of an animation of the previous time.

2011/7/1(Thu)サマーカットSummer cut by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



While I didn't meet everyone for a long time, KURISU was an alien. Summer of this year is brownout nationwide by influence of East Japan Great Earthquake. The preset temperature of the air conditioner which occupies about half of the home amount of electric power is 28 ℃ (We were 28 ℃ from before.) So a family doctor didn't agree so much, but I requested of a trimmer in a veterinarian personally, and It is a video of Summer Cut of Kurisu like this.. KURISU was cut in a trimmer while lying idle in the daughter's knee. Hair clippers for domestic use in a house couldn't fleece a soft cat well. Trimmers were brought hair clippers for business use, and KURISU was fleeced. It often develops, so skin of a cat is requiring care. It's dangerous by an amateur. Hair clippers for business use break well, so when a cat moved, skin breaks. I had a trimmer tell me, and will cut in a summer of KURISU, but it's impossible. Anyway a goal of a summer cut is the depth body temperature of KURISU is lowered, and to spend hot summer healthily. Unevenly trimmed hair is ignoring. Effect, immediately. KURISU was also OK in the heat wave which is about the person's body temperature of the end of June. As soon as the outside temperature had crossed 30 ℃ in summer of last year, KURISU was high calcium, and hospitalization. I'll expect it this year! While I was silent for a long time, I had that variously. It'll be reported easily. Almost, my daughter of a finder of KURISU will get married 2 weeks later. Her new residence will be completed soon. And my daughter is planning to give birth to a boy at the end of August. It's 2-before 3 that there was an expression of marriage of my daughter and him. And it's autumn of last year that construction in their new residence was decided. My daughter leaves the office in the end of last year. My daughter who retired said "She gained weight a little." The family noticed no one, but she was pregnant. My daughter is also bathed in radiation 90 grays in a hospitalization period in 5 months in GURIOMA of a brain stem 6 years before. For the family doctor who is a university hospital because it's so, "A baby may not be born.", said. So the person himself and the environment gave up almost all pregnancy. And she didn't notice at all until for 5 months of pregnancy, either. Moreover married life has not been done with him yet. She went to obstetrics and gynecology around here right now. If my daughter gets married, I undertake care of KURISU alone. I'm very worried. Because KOJIROU of nocturnal habit is noisy at midnight, KURISU would also get up. And daytime going out can't also be done any more so much. Son's family of American residence went back to play in May. Grandchild's SIZUKU is 3 years old, REN is 1 year old. KURISU was a stress and Addison's disease wasn't aggravated. REN is allergic to eggs and cats. Level 3. It wasn't terrible, but REN was careful not to touch a cat. And next year, they, a family returns home by expiration of term of son's assignment and lives in Coco's house together. And it takes about 10 minutes for Arai of my daughter by car from a house. Close. My daughter would often come to Coco. To say that my daughter comes also comes to the daughter's baby together. If prospering, it's drawn, it'll be. Is KURISU OK?

2011/7/26(Teu)酵母菌マラセチアYeast fungus Malassezia by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  

110726マラセチアに耳やられた栗栖     異星ニャン栗栖は酵母菌マラセチアに耳をやられてます。動画を御覧ください。@最初は5月頃でしたAそして今。左耳もスコティッシュみたく折れ耳になっちゃうのかなぁ?マそれも可愛いけどね。かゆいのが可哀想じゃ。でも・・かゆみ止めはステロイド(ビクタスSMTクリーム)だ。ステロイドは常時内服しているし、あんま使えんなぁ。折れ耳になっちゃったし、極々少量を薄く伸ばして、耳の先っちょはやめといて、奥のほうだけ塗るよう指示が出た。酵母菌マラセチアさんは普通にそこいらにくっついてる真菌の一種。普通はこれに犯される事は無いくらい弱っちい。でも栗ちゃんはもっと弱々なので、感染してしまう。小次郎にゃうつらないそな。栗ちゃんのコレは難治性だ。小次郎の耳は乾燥しているが、栗ちゃんの耳はワックス系、しっとりベトベトさ。こう言うのをマラセチアさんは好むらしい。しかも梅雨時のよな時期に発生するって。茶色のベタベタの耳くそがようけい出るよ。コレは綺麗に掃除してやらんと、よけい酷くなるらしい。でも・・耳掃除嫌がるのよねぇ〜ちゃっちゃと済ませられるよう、こちらが腕を磨かんとね。あ〜ぁ、栗ちゃん段々やるべきことが増えていくぅ・・でも元気が何よりだ!

Alien KURISU is Malassezia otitis externa. Please see an animation, the(1) beginning was around May. (2) And now. Will look like a left ear of KURISU also Scottish Fold, break it and be it an ear? That's also pretty, but I feel sorry about the one with his itchy ear. Ointment for itching is a steroid (Orbifloxacin). KURISU always takes a steroid. So it can't be used so much. Orbifloxacin, a pole, a little, it's increased thin, and directions have gone out from a family doctor so that only the inside of his ear may be applied. Yeast fungus Malassezia is one kind of true fungus in that place. Ordinariness isn't infected with Malassezia. They were weak, so KURISU was infected. I don't do KOJIROU infection. Malassezia otitis externa in KURISU is obstinacy. An ear of KOJIROU is dry, but the ear of KURISU is sticky. When it's sticky in the ear, it's easy to become Malassezia otitis externa. KURISU is brown, I have to clean sticky earwax. I have to clean, maybe surplusage becomes cruel. KURISU doesn't like ear cleaning. It's being increased that KURISU is doing gradually. But because KURISU is fine, I'm happy.

2011/8/6(Sat)酵母菌マラセチアYeast fungus Malassezia by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Please click a picture. It becomes big.
Malassezia moved to the whole ear of KURISU. An ear is itchy in KURISU. When he sleeps, I cool his both ears by a keeping cool pill. I'm afraid for an ear of KURISU and a face to be being infringed by Malassezia gradually. My daughter moved to a new residence finally, and she entered married life just in case. So lying by the side of KURISU at midnight was also my business. For brownout, a holiday of husband's company was Thursday and Friday from last month. My husband went home quickly from a field and did feed of KURISU yesterday, and a dragonfly returned to a field again. My husband is a major achievement. KOJIROU is lying idle near me, so KURISU also gets settled at outside, and midnight is lying idle. But urination goes out of KURISU at midnight. I was a little slow this morning while finishing domesticities in the morning and seeing marching in in Koshien. But my daughter, right away, I have come. I have come to have lunch together. She also opens about 1.5 cm of womb mouth in a month in which childbirth is due. My daughter would give birth within two weeks. My daughter was worried, so I told to come every day. There is defense of KURISU, so I can't go out. And it's a Japanese idea, but this is a house of daughter's husband, not a branch family of a this family, so it isn't good that daughter's parent frequently goes. Malassezia in KURISU is depression for now in a healthy cat. So it's KOJIROU safeness.

2011/8/11(Thu)護衛マンconvoy by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



The left picture is KURISU which guards midnight KOJIROU. KURISU doesn't lie idle at midnight. And KURISU urinates. I watch urination of KURISU, so I can't sleep. KOJIROU goes out to night watch in around 12 o'clock at midnight and around 3 o'clock often. Then KURISU waits for the way back of KOJIROU honestly. And when KOJIROU goes home, KURISU watches near KOJIROU tight. When KOJIROU is in the side, KURISU cools down. And Malassezia infection in KURISU is in progress to the top of an eye from an outer corner of the eye. It could be torn off around the ear of KURISU and his eye. I who sees that am sad. If it'll be so, I repulse Malassezia infection seriously! KURISU dislikes it very much, but I wipe up his eye mucus and earwax for weak vinegar water. (Malassezia infection propagates not skin, but in the dirt and the eye mucus.) victas smt cream is applied an affected part thin. An ear was improved only a little. When an affected part is fingered, later is itchy. So it's cooled by a keeping cool pill. Then KURISU seems comfortable for a while and it's done.

2011/8/14(Sun)餌の作り方How to make food by 猫のプーさん Cat Pooh  



Malassezia infection became quite good. But every time vigorousness of KURISU disappears, Malassezia infection seems seized. KURISU! I'll exert myself together! I'll introduce how to make food today. That's quite troublesome. (Please see an animation.) KURISU was also fine with KOJIROU last night. KURISU lay idle finally from around 6 o'clock in the morning. I slept together, too. My husband was a Bon vacation, so it was saved, but I was woken by my husband up at a little past 7 o'clock in the morning. I have passed time of the breakfast from KURISU. Husband's breakfast also became slow. I'm sorry.

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