小雪の薬嫌い The medicine dislike of KOYUKI

 野良猫にやられた! KOYUKI、お薬お薬!  It was bitten at  by a stray cat!  KOYUKI will take    medicine!



KOYUKI is from one year old before.
When a stray cat is in estrus, the environment of the pet cat also becomes noisy. Even if a pet cat castrates birth control, they don't cool down the time.

Every time KOYUKI goes outside, it's aimed at a stray cat. The bruise bitten at by a stray cat is troublesome. The bruise swells, and KOYUKI becomes feverish.

A cat is tasted and cured by itself. But an owner has a thing a cat dislikes by agreement. Of course, an antibiotic pill is prescribed.

KOYUKI is here and the style, but hardhead. If I say that she doesn't like that, that isn't liked thoroughly. Even if it's added to food, No! Even if it's added to water of the least amount, NO! She plays a bubble from the mouth and vomits.

Measure: When an injury is terrible, I dispose of it as soon as possible. I see a doctor to give an injection of an antibiotic pill for now. Almost, an antibiotic pill is dissolved in a little water and it's put in a syringe. I make sure that KOYUKI won't notice a syringe. I approach KOYUKI and hold her gently quietly. I make her take medicine including a syringe from the side of her mouth quickly. An owner can't do well like a veterinary easily. The establishment which succeeds is half.

There was a case that KOYUKI is bitten at by a stray cat many times. I became good at making KOYUKI take medicine. This is a big stress in KOYUKI. KOYUKI says "Please leave me alone!" The antibiotic pill is also good or bad. When an antibiotic pill is given too much, own immunity power falls. The owner's medicine dependence isn't good.
    小次郎の医者嫌い The doctor dislike of KOJIROU

 医者はこわいよぉ A doctor is afraid.

  動物病院に到着 Arrive at a veterinarian!



KOJIROU often quarrels with a stray cat from time of 1 year old.
Carry equal sign KOJIROU will be that I'll bring him to the doctor. So it's very serious to put KOJIROU in the carry.

When I enter a consulting room, KOJIROU doesn't go out from the carry. I make the carry inverted, shake and take out KOJIROU in the consulting room.

And when KOJIROU injects, he's afraid and looses his legs. When it's off its guard in the consulting room, KOJIROU runs away.

Before, he broke a door of the carry in KOJIROU in Isshin which would like to run away! So I bought the big carry newly.

Veterinary seys.: I liked an animal and chose this way. But it's disliked by an animal, so I worry.

How is the new carry?: It's big to tend to put it in, and it's easy to go out, and to be easy to run away. When going to a veterinarian, it's very serious to put KOJIROU in the carry. I take out the carry in a front door beforehand so that KOJIROU doesn't notice. And just before going to a veterinarian, KOJIROU is caught and he's put in the carry quickly. He runs wild and cries wonderfully.The entrance where a new one is the carry is the top. KOJIROU seems to break a door again. So I give KURISU in the carry a ride and go to a veterinarian on it. In other words, it's made a weight of a lid of the carry of KOJIROU. I tell "KURISU is an attendance of KOJIROU today." at a reception desk in a veterinarian.