栗栖の肝機能野血液検査推移グラフ肝機能Liver function
At a liver function decline
高値High level:ALT(GPT)・AST(GOT)・ALP・総ビリルビンGeneral bilirubin
減少Low level:血糖・尿素窒素Blood sugar and urea nitrogen
2004/1/9〜 全身痙攣発作、毎日昼夜問わず1分前後・10回くらい、発作止めの薬効かず
KURISU had the whole body twitch attack for about 1 minute every day about 10 times. The medicine for an attack stop doesn't work.
2004/1/18 脳圧降下剤効果有りThe brain pressure descent pill is effective.
In a growing period, increase of body weight (at most 4.1 kilos). →The brain pressure descent pill increase.→ He is often hospitalized by the loose bowels, vomit and inappetence.
2004/9/28 脳圧降下剤の副作用で脱水、肝機能も低下した→ad缶をld缶+wd缶に変更
Dehydration is caused by a side effect of the brain pressure descent pill.→ Liver function also fell.→ The ad can is changed to ld can + wd can.
2005/1/18 脳圧降下剤は水薬の為誤飲肺炎の危険有→発作止め薬フェノバールにチェンジ
There is danger of drinking by mistake pneumonia for julep for the brain pressure descent pill.→ Attack stop medicine is changed with Phenobarbital.
2005/10/20 フェノバールの血中濃度を一定に保つ為、ウエイトコントロール・3`キープ
To keep blood level of Phenobarbital fixedly, weight control is done and the weight is kept in 3kg.
2005/10/31 フェノバールは肝毒性なので、肝臓の薬も出る。以降肝機能チェック
Phenobarbital gives damage to a liver, so medicine for a liver also goes out. After liver function is checked.
栗栖のALP(GPT)の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖のAST(GOT)の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖のALP推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の総ビリルビン推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の歓喜のに関する総コレステロール推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の肝機能に関する中性脂肪推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の肝機能に関する血糖推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の肝機能に関する尿素窒素推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1

The rule of thumb of the dehydration
@首から背中にかけての皮をテント状につまみ上げる→伸びと戻りが悪いWhen leather from a neck to a back is picked like a tent, growth and return are bad.
A上唇をめくり、歯肉を押す→色の戻りが悪いWhen a labrum is turned over and gums are pushed, return with the color is bad.
B毛並みがいつもより艶無くカサカサThe lie of the hair is duller than usual and dry.
Every way is incomprehensible in case of KURISU. Neither skin nor gums always seem healthy, and hair gloss is also bad and dry.
2004/4/8 ・狂走発作→体重増で脳圧降下剤の効果が薄れた→薬増量
KURISU had the spasm to which he run as it was wrong.→ It's because the effect of the brain pressure descent pill faded by the weight increase.→ So the brain pressure descent pill was increased.
It's an animation of the attack to which KURISU run as it was wrong.
2004/7/5 ・体重3.8`、更に薬増量。水分量も増、経口でなかなか苦戦。口臭有り
The weight will be 3.8kg and more brain pressure descent pills are increased. The moisture content is also increased. KURISU doesn't drink fair water. And there is halitosis.
2004/8/10〜9/5 ・体重4.1`、毛艶悪くパサパサ。食欲不振、寝たきり→暑さのせい?
The weight was 4.1kg. Hair gloss is bad and dry. Is an inappetent bedridden one a cause of the heat?
2004/9/26〜10/5 ・減量成功→3.9`
A loss in weight succeeded and was 3.9kg. Even if it disappears hotly, it's wrong. A twitch touch. It was dehydration by a side effect of the brain pressure descent pill.
入院・通院Hospitalization and going to hospital
2004/12/28 ・12月頃から咳→ステロイド処方、ついにこの日起き上がらない栗
KURISU had a cough from around December.→ A steroid was prescribed. At last, on this day, KURISU doesn't get up. It was dehydration as a result of the check.→ He administered a subcutaneous intravenous drip injection of water.
入院・通院Hospitalization and going to hospital
2004/12/30〜2005/1/18 ・脳圧降下剤の主成分はグリセリン+脂っこいad缶→下痢
The main ingredient of the brain pressure descent pill is glycerine. And oily ad can. So KURISU had the loose bowels

It was oral and water was being given so far.→ KURISU drank by mistake and contracted pneumonia.

It was dehydration by a side effect of the brain pressure descent pill, so it's changed to Phenobarbital.
入院・通院Hospitalization and going to hospital
栗栖の脱水に関する総蛋白の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の脱水に関するアルブミンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の脱水に関する尿素窒素の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜23009/6/1 栗栖の脱水に関するくれあチンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜20096/1
栗栖の脱水に関すりナトリウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の脱水に関するクロールの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の脱水に関する赤血球の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の脱水に関するPCV(ヘマトクリット)の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
The cause of the high calcium
@ Cancer, Arenal insufficiency, Bfilm small body hyperfunctioning, CAdrenal cortex function decline, Dexcess vitamin D, EBence-Jones albumosuria
2008/10/19 夜中に寝ウンピ・ション・ゲボ3回、泡吹いて動かない→緊急受診
Feces and urine are done while sleeping at midnight. Three times of vomit. There is Meliosma myriantha, and it doesn't move. KURISU see a doctor urgently.
2008/10/21 高カルシウムの原因究明→血液検査値などから消去法で進める
Cause investigation of high calcium is advanced from the blood test value by an erasure way.
2008/11/2 アジソン病(副腎機能低下症)?と特定、治療前倒しにかかる
A family doctor specifies with Addison's disease (adrenal function decline) and treats it right now.
2008/11/29 フロリネフ(アジソンの薬)だけじゃ効かねぇ★→特異性アジソンらしいぞ!(低カリウム・高ナトリウム)
It doesn't work only in Florinef (medicine for Addison's disease). KURISU seem to be singularity Addison (It's low K and high Na.)
2008/12/21 血液詳細データにとらわれない!栗栖の状態本意で診る。薬の内容決定
A family doctor said. "I decide not to stick to blood detailed data! The state of KURISU is emphasized." Decision of the contents of medicine.
Animation of Addison's disease

It's uncommon to a cat.

A symptom: The loose bowels without inappetence and cheer, vomit, dehydration, hypothermia and bradycardia

Cause: A hormone isn't secreted any more by cancer of a stress adrenal.
Please see a developmental page of Addison's disease.
栗栖の電解質に関するカルシウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の電解質に関する無機リンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の電解質に関するナトリウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の電解質に関するカリウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1

栗栖の腎機能に関する血液検査グラフ腎機能The kidney function
At the time of a kidney function decline
高値High level中性脂肪(TG)・尿素窒素(BUN)・クレアチニン(CRE)・無機リン(IP)・カリウム(K)

減少Low level総蛋白(TP)・ナトリウム(Na)・クロール(Cl)・赤血球数The number of erythrocytes・PCV・ヘモグロビン量The hemoglobin amount
栗栖の腎機能に関する中性脂肪の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関する尿素窒素の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の腎機能に関するくれあチンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関する無機リンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の腎機能に関するカリウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関するナトリウムの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の腎機能に関するクロールの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関する赤血球の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の腎機能に関するPCV(ヘマトクリットの推移グラフ2003/11/826〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関するヘモグロビンの推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1
栗栖の腎機能に関する総蛋白の推移グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1 栗栖の腎機能に関するカルシウムの推移居グラフ2003/11/26〜2009/6/1