Addison's disease, after that.
2008/10/19 栗栖は朝方、突然泡吹いて嘔吐を繰り返しぐったり。検査の結果高カルシウムだった。癌とか腎臓・甲状腺・副腎皮質の機能の問題等原因は色々考えられる。消去法で主治医が「アジソン病」と判断した。ただし・・典型的な低Na・高Kではなく、真逆だ。原因は孫が生まれたので、そのストレスか?(孫と猫の動画です)とアジソンはストレスに弱いらしい。そして脱水が起きる。血圧も下がる。下痢嘔吐有り。名づけて
KURISU played a bubble from the mouth suddenly early in the morning, and he repeated vomit and it was exhausted. It was high calcium as a result of the check. A problem of the function of the cancer, the kidney, the thyroid and the adrenal cortex can consider the cause variously. A family doctor judged "Addison's disease" using an erasure way. But, it isn't typical low Na and amount K of Addison's disease and is the opposition. My grandchild was born, so is the cause the stress? (It's an animation of my grandchild and a cat.) if it's Addison's disease, they seem weak in a stress. And dehydration occurs. The blood pressure also falls. There is loose bowels vomit. A family doctor name and am transformable Addison.
3kg is best for these days for 2 years and the weight of KURISU. While it's 2.95-3.05kg, We are doing weight control. The amount of the food is being controlled. But we can't control well easily. When the amount of the food is reduced, KURISU causes dehydration and falls amount Ca, amount Na and low K certainly. Anorexia, a petit mal (animation No.4), a twitch of the mouth (animationNo.5), increase of slaver and swelling in the depths of an eye (animation No.6) go out. And they're amount Ca, high albumin amount Na, amount Cl, low K and low Claire chin low BUN chronically. The price of the liver is very high. That's because phenobarbital of a twitch attack stop is strong in toxicity.

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◆A change in medicine.
2010/7/13 4年ぶりの全身痙攣発作、4年前は薬の差し替えの際のミスで軽い全身痙攣だった。今回は震度7強震やった。激しい嘔吐もあり、検査の結果高Caと脱水が確認された。その時の検査値が下の右側のグラフ。(その時の栗栖の様子の動画です
KURISU had the whole body twitch seizure in 4 after. 4 years ago were the mistake when being replacement of medicine, and were a light whole body twitch attack. This time was a severe earthquake of seismic intensity 7. After that there was also intense vomit and the dehydration was confirmed with amount Ca as a result of the check. The test value of that case is a lower right chart (It's an animation of Kurisu's state of that case.)
Swelling around the eye
Slaver from the tension great after whole body twitch
C.E.T. is applied a tooth in order to improve the environment in the mouth even a little.
Addison's disease, after that.